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11 Fintech Companies in UK’s Trade Delegation to Australia & New Zealand

The Department for International Trade (DIT), the UK’s sole government department that negotiates to strike or extend trade agreements between the UK and non-EU states will send a Fintech delegation of 11 UK companies to Australasia.

Aimed at promoting Fintech opportunities in the Fintech spaces in Australia and New Zealand, the trade mission will see a delegation of “eleven successful UK fintech companies” visit the countries in March.

The 11 UK companies that form the delegation include credit rating specialist Aire; Fintech data analytics firm Clarus; asset allocation consultant ClearMacro; compliance solutions firm FundApps; investor relations firm Ingage; financial lenders Iwoca and Neyber; blockchain-based data platform ObjectTech; identity verification platform Onfido; surveillance and compliance solutions provider Sybenetix and; bitcoin blockchain solutions provider Tradle.

Regulatory technology (regtech), blockchain tech and insurance technology (insurtech) will see particular focus as three key emerging fields in the Fintech arena.

The trade delegation will participate in a 5-day program. Held between March 20 -24, there will be number of events, workshops and meetings over the 5 days. The companies will visit local Fintech startups and hubs, along with regulators and government officials in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. The delegation will then head over to Auckland in New Zealand.

In a statement, director for UK Trade and Investment, Michael Ward said:

We look forward to welcoming our first UK fintech delegation to showcase the opportunities that exist in Australia and New Zealand for UK companies and to foster greater collaboration between our countries in this rapidly developing and growing sector.

Looking for expansion opportunities, UK companies will also meet with potential customers and partners locally in Australia and New Zealand. The delegates will pitch to Australian VC firms and financial institutions including banks, meet with government ministers and regulators besides interacting with existing UK fintech companies with a presence in Australia and the local Fintech community.

The DIT’s fintech specialist, Shaul David, will also host a number of workshops alongside two demo days where local investors will see pitches from the UK fintech firms.

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