Despite the sheer size of the sports industry, traditional betting platforms still have a lot to learn from blockchain technology, smart contracts and decentralization protocols. Some of the current issues plaguing the industry include high fees, complicated registrations, delayed pay-outs, limited betting amounts, inefficient legislation and more.

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BitGoals represents an international sports blockchain platform looking to disrupt the industry, by using a single digital currency to issue fair rewards in all sports-related activities. Some of its main advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to wager any sum, due to the decentralized status of the platform;
  • Instant payouts, as users can withdraw via the STP token, and easily exchange it to fiat;
  • Simple registration process for draw games, via the smart contract system that fights fraud;
  • Limited data collection on users, thanks to smart contract protocols that ensure user anonymity and security;

To put things better into perspective, the BitGoals token allows users to engage in sport betting, poker games, and fantasy league plays, but also to purchase match tickets, and merchandise, via a wide variety of supporting websites.

Additionally, BitGoals also offers a couple of benefits when compared to its competitors. With this in mind, the platform is already an established company in the online sports industry, with numerous partnerships.  The firm works with licensed manufacturers, and has broad hands-on experience on the niche. These aspects allow BitGoals to provide world-class IT infrastructure, management skills, extensive industry partnerships, and an overall safe environment for sports gaming and betting.

Lastly, the existence of the multi-platform STP token wallet, will grant users the possibility to easily make bets, withdraw wins, and spend the well-earned funds.  

To end things on greatly-positive note, the platform will soon begin its token sale, which means that the service will be live in-time for the Russia 2018 World Cup! Thanks to its decentralized nature, BitGoals will not have to apply for licenses and respect strict regulatory policies that forbid betting websites, which means that the service will be available worldwide.

To learn more about BitGoals, feel free to check out the official website and read the project white paper.

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