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Can Bitcoin Save Argentina?

Brian Evans - Sep 10, 2018

A proposal to place a sliver of Argentina's central bank reserves in bitcoin is worth taking seriously, given the country's current dire straits.

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Ripio Rolls Out Crypto-Powered Loans Across Latin America

Brian Evans - Sep 05, 2018

Ripio is driving mainstream adoption among the unbanked of South America, offering crypto loans in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

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G20 Forum Shelves Deadline for ‘Very Specific Recommendations’ on Crypto

Brian Evans - Jul 23, 2018

G20 appears to U-turn on strict crypto regulation suggestions, at least until October

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What World Leaders Think About Crypto, and How They Want Decentralization to Bolster Centralised Power

Brian Evans - Jun 26, 2018

These 10 world leaders talk about crypto, but only insofar as they can make it work for them

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Argentina’s Banco Masventas Uses Bitcoin to Settle Cross-Border Transactions

Brian Evans - May 24, 2018

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have shown an interest in this form of money because of its global appeal. It is the only form of money which can reliably…

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Argentinian Bank Now Using Bitcoin For Cross-Border Transactions

Brian Evans - May 23, 2018

Banco Masventas of Argentina has partnered with a blockchain-based financial services firm to use Bitcoin as an alternative to SWIFT for cross-border payments

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A Bank In Argentina Is Now Using Bitcoin for Cross-Border Payments

Brian Evans - May 22, 2018

Cryptocurrency trading startup Bitex has trialed a cross-border payments system using bitcoin with an Argentinian bank.

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Banks And Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: Americas

Brian Evans - May 01, 2018

Let’s continue evaluating banks and crypto - this time in the Western hemisphere #ANALYSIS

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‘Bitcoin Day’ Proves Argentina’s Crypto Love Is Alive and Well

Brian Evans - Apr 10, 2018

Argentina saw one of its largest-ever bitcoin events last week, one that showcased how it's still a regional leader in promoting the technology.

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G20 Calls for Crypto Regulation Recommendations By July

Brian Evans - Mar 20, 2018

Argentina's Central Bank chairman, Frederico Sturzenegger, said the G20 members are looking for "specific recommendations" on cryptocurrencies.