consensus algorithm
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NEO Developers Announce Upcoming Consensus Algorithm Improvements

Brian Evans - Jan 08, 2019

Every cryptocurrency project needs to constantly grow and evolve to remain relevant. That unwritten rule applies as much to Bitcoin as it does to any other alternate…

51% Attack
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Ethereum Classic Developers Attempt to Resolve Recent 51% Attack

Brian Evans - Jan 08, 2019

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without a good amount of drama. At times, it feels as if this industry simply can’t catch a break…

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With Blockchain Regulation Comes Legitimacy, Says Exchange Founder

Brian Evans - Jan 08, 2019

“People have tried to cling to the idea that all tokens are utilities and not securities,” says the founder of crypto-exchange ERC dEX, David Aktary. “But, it’s…

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Beware of the BitMEX Trading bot Scam on Telegram

Brian Evans - Jan 08, 2019

Even though Bitcoin has been around for over 10 years now, cryptocurrency scams are still claiming many victims. It is somewhat uncanny how easy it can be…

air force
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US states compete to become most crypto-friendly while federals seem disarrayed

Brian Evans - Jan 07, 2019

It is quite reasonable to call 2018, the blockchain year. We have been observing a wave of crypto and blockchain developments in pretty much all sectors. Let…

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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Breaks $4,000 Resistance Level

Brian Evans - Jan 06, 2019

At press time, the father of crypto has broken its present resistance level and moved beyond the $4,000 mark (bitcoin is currently trading for roughly $4,043). The…

2018 Review
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The Biggest Problem for ICOs? In 2018, It Was Their Own Investors

Brian Evans - Jan 06, 2019

Hashed CEO Simon Seojoon Kim looks at the inherent limitations of ICOs, in particular the belief that "anyone can invest in an initial project,".

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Monfex – Brand New Leverage Exchange with Social Trading

Brian Evans - Jan 06, 2019

Cryptocurrency has come a long way since its inception. As the industry developed, the volatility has dropped significantly. We saw evidence of that in the second half…

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All Market Cap Sites Incorrectly Display the Circulating Supply of at Least Three Currencies

Brian Evans - Jan 06, 2019

In the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets, a very big issue has presented itself. Most, if not all of the coin tracking websites have incorrect…

Brenna Sparks
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Brenna Sparks Blasts The Concept of “Technical Analysis” for Cryptocurrencies

Brian Evans - Jan 04, 2019

Analyzing financial markets can often be done in many different ways. Most market speculators and investors rely on technical analysis to discover recurring patterns and signals. Not…