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Ripple Event Reveal: 3 Companies Are Now Using XRP for Real Payments

Brian Evans - Oct 01, 2018

During Ripple's annual Swell conference, CEO Brad Garlinghouse announced three firms that will use XRP in commercial cross-border payments.

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This Meme Marketplace Uses Dummy Tokens to Draw Users in a Bear Market

Brian Evans - Sep 30, 2018

Even before its protocol is live, District0x's Meme Factory has engaged its community in blockchain governance with a meme contest and fake tokens.

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One Musician’s Creative Solution to Drive ASICs Off Monero

Brian Evans - Sep 29, 2018

Howard Chu, a monero core dev and musician, has created an algorithm that he thinks will keep ASICS at bay on the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.

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The $1 Trillion Wallet: BitGo’s Bid to Bring Bitcoin to Wall Street and Beyond

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

Blockchain security startup BitGo is gearing up to safeguard once-unthinkable sums of digital assets as it looks towards a tokenized future.

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Why a ‘Decentralized’ Crypto Exchange Is Seeking a Securities License

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

As competition heats up among decentralized exchange startups for institutional crypto investors' business, Everbloom is seeking an edge.

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Crypto Money Market Compound Lets You HODL and Earn

Brian Evans - Sep 27, 2018

Compound, a crypto money market, launched today on ethereum. Now hodlers can earn interest on their crypto.

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How I Lost My Faith in Private Blockchains

Brian Evans - Sep 27, 2018

It remains to be proven if permissioned blockchains provide a real business benefit at all. Take it from one who used to advise banks on them.

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Bitmain By the Numbers: An Inside Look at a Bitcoin Mining Empire

Brian Evans - Sep 27, 2018

For the first time, the crypto community is getting a close look at Bitmain's financials.

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You Won’t Have to Wait for This Ethereum Scaling Solution, It Works Now

Brian Evans - Sep 26, 2018

Most ethereum scaling technologies are a far from completed, but OpenST says it's got a solution that's ready for the "here and now."

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Early Execs Leave, the Peter Thiel-Backed Crypto Startup Behind EOS

Brian Evans - Sep 25, 2018

As was raising $4 billion from Silicon Valley and Wall Street, a group of executives decided to quit and build a bigger, better blockchain.