Anthony Pompliano
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Is This the End of Crypto?

Brian Evans - Dec 16, 2018

Bitcoin’s tumbled to a 15-month low. Ethereum is circling the drain. Despite announcements of a Swiss ETP, more regulated bitcoin futures in Q1, a German stock exchange…

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Downturn or Not, Bitcoin Has Still Outperformed Apple Since Last January

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

In January of last year, the U.S. stock market went through one of the largest bull markets in recent history, with technology stocks like Alphabet and Apple…

Blockchain News
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Blockchain is a ‘Systemic Risk’ for Financial Industry: DTCC Exec.

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation or DTCC issues a report every year on the stability of the global financial system and has done so every year…

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Ethereum Price Remains at $83 as Bears Continue to Dominate

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

It is somewhat refreshing and surprising to see multiple cryptocurrency markets go in the green all of a sudden. This is primarily because the Bitcoin value is…

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PSA: If You Mine Ethereum, You’re a Target for Crypto Hackers

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

Hackers have devised a new way to steal your cryptocurrencies. This time, they are running a massive scanning campaign to pick out Ethereum wallets and miners with…

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Bitcoin Tax Confusion Has Accountants Turning to Specialized Software

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

Every time you convert Bitcoin to anything, be it goods or services, other cryptocurrencies, or even tax payments, it might be a taxable event, depending on your…

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Bitcoin SV Drops to $65 Following 12% Drop

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

There is plenty of red across all cryptocurrency and digital asset charts today. This is not entirely abnormal by any means, as Bitcoin dictates the overall momentum.…

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No, the Price of Bitcoin Didn’t Drop Because of Bomb Threats

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

On Friday, as the Bitcoin price fell by around six percent against the U.S. dollar, several reports claimed that the dominant cryptocurrency dropped in value due to…

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Augur House Elections Market: Alleged Reporter Says Republicans Won The Market

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

A person claiming to be the designated reporter for an Augur predictions market which asked the question “Which party will control the House after 2018 U.S. Midterm…

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Polymath Price Hits $0.14 Following Major Gains

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

As all cryptocurrency markets continue to feel the pressure, a lot of investors grow uneasy. The extensive bear market of 2018 has gone on for some time…