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Newly Launched Bitcoin Optech Initiative Aims to Address BTC Scalability Issue

Brian Evans - Jul 20, 2018

A group of developers has launched the Bitcoin Optech project in order to solve BTC scaling and high transaction fees issues

Charlie Lee
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Litecoin Founder Remains Optimistic Despite Recent Bithumb Hack

Brian Evans - Jun 23, 2018

Charlie Lee, the developer behind the world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency, Litecoin, believes the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will recover “fairly soon”. Lee shared his thoughts on…

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Bitcoin Core Version 0.16.1 Officially Released

Brian Evans - Jun 16, 2018

Bitcoin Core version 0.16.1, which includes changes in respect of miner block size and wallets, has been officially introduced today

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Bitcoin Wallet Xapo Implements Scaling Solution SegWit

Brian Evans - May 25, 2018

Ted Rogers, the president at Xapo, a widely utilized cryptocurrency wallet and vault, has revealed that the platform has activated Segregated Witness (SegWit), the scaling solution developed…

Bitcoin Cash
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Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Increases Block Size, Reactivates Op Nodes

Brian Evans - May 16, 2018

Bitcoin Cash’s upgrade today increased block size four times, to 32MB, as well as adding back some Op codes that had previously been disabled

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A Glimpse Into The Future – What Happens When There Are No More Bitcoin To Mine?

Brian Evans - May 06, 2018

17 mln Bitcoin mined, but what happens when we hit 21 mln?

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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Falls to $9,000 After Yesterday’s $9,300 Strike

Brian Evans - Apr 25, 2018

Bitcoin is currently trading for about $9,000. This is roughly $300 less than yesterday’s high of $9,333, which sent both investors and analysts flying. It is also…

Bitcoin Technology
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Increased SegWit Adoption May have Finally Solved Bitcoin’s Fee Problem

Brian Evans - Apr 15, 2018

A couple months after two of the largest cryptocurrency trading exchanges, Bitfinex and GDAX, finally adopted the bitcoin SegWit protocol, transaction fees for the currency are finally…

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Coinbase Wallet Fixes SegWit Implementation Bug, Refunds Affected Users

Brian Evans - Mar 13, 2018

Coinbase has fixed the payment gateway bug that emerged after SegWit implementation, less than 30 users affected. #NEWS

bitcoin core
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Buterin Presents Blockchain Scaling Solution That Could Make Exchanges ‘Hack Resistant’

Brian Evans - Mar 10, 2018

Buterin reveals new scaling solution, Plasma Cash, that could be used to secure crypto on top of a root Blockchain. #NEWS