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Uber Co-Founder, E*Trade Vet Launch Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Brian Evans - Jul 26, 2018

An Uber co-founder and an E*Trade veteran have teamed up to launch commission-free cryptocurrency trading service that, if successful, could see the firm challenge Coinbase, Robinhood, and…

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Uber, E*Trade Vets to Launch No-Fee Crypto Exchange

Brian Evans - Jul 25, 2018

A new cryptocurrency exchange is set to launch with no-feed trading – and it's got some notable backers behind it.

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Google, Facebook and Uber: Has Their Blockchain Time Arrived?

Brian Evans - Jun 03, 2018

Analysts report that 66 percent of global companies expected to switch to blockchain in 2018. Cointelegraph investigated to find out whether Google, Facebook or Uber will be…

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Chinese Ride-Hailing App Founder Wants to Build a Blockchain ‘Uber’

Brian Evans - May 28, 2018

Chen Weixing, founder of Chinese ride-hailing app Kuaidi Dache, is planning to build a blockchain-based application for ride-sharing.

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Busted: Britain Confiscates $700,000 in Bitcoin from Hacker

Brian Evans - May 07, 2018

A British court will this month sentence a 26 year old cyber-fraudster, from whom Scotland Yard seized about $700,000 in bitcoin proceeds earned from cyber-crime activities in…

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The Sharing Economy, Explained

Brian Evans - Apr 19, 2018

The sharing economy is already transforming lifestyles and bringing together communities – but how can Blockchain make it better? #EXPLAINED

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Company Aims To Become ‘Amazon Of Sharing Economy’ With Blockchain App

Brian Evans - Apr 15, 2018

A Blockchain platform wants to unite the sharing economy in a single app – bringing fragmentation in this fledgling industry to an end #SPONSORED

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Uber Cofounder Announces Eco Cryptocurrency Project

Brian Evans - Mar 03, 2018

It seems virtually every person and company aims to create their own cryptocurrency. While that is commendable, it also raises the question as to how viable all…

Banks of Future Will Face Digitally-Empowered Customers: Expert Blog
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Banks of Future Will Face Digitally-Empowered Customers: Expert Blog

Brian Evans - Dec 30, 2017

Expert Blog is Cointelegraph’s new series of articles by crypto industry leaders. It covers everything from Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to ICO regulation and investment analysis. If…

What NASA, Uber, and Blockchain Startups Have in Common
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What NASA, Uber, and Blockchain Startups Have in Common

Brian Evans - Dec 24, 2017

Advertisement Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month.In November 2017, it was announced that Uber and NASA have partnered to begin…