In last weeks, a lot of traders put their trust and money in FuturoCoin. The price of FTO at the end of April was around $5, today’s price is around $23. As you can see more and more people are interested in our project

For now, you can trade FTO on four exchanges; CoinDeal, YoBit, Piyasa and SouthXchange. We know that a lot of traders see profit in FuturoCoin and now we can say that our market capitalization is around 767.37 M according to cryptocompare.

But we don’t only want to create cryptocurrency just for traders; we want to build a new better payment system for everyone. That is why first we want to develop FuturoCoin usability and implement it in products such as PayCoiner. At the beginning, you will be able to use FuturoCoins to pay for café franchise services. Thanks to Verified Solutions product we hope that FTO will be used to make payments in other facilities with using their software.

 FuturoCoin News

 With such significant interest, we need to share with you what is changing and what new possibilities you have while trading FuturoCoin. CoinDeal as a first cryptocurrency exchange platform added to their market new FTO pair – FTO/EUR, from now on, you can trade your coins with fiat money!

Also, in few next days our game will be released – Coin OFF Mine, where you will be able to gather real FTOs! The whole game is location-based (GPS) and Augmented Reality (AR) systems, where you will be able to collect FuturoCoins and fight big bosses to gain even more amount of our coins.

Next big step for us is ATMs in which you will be able to withdraw your FTOs in fiats, we hope that it will help you use our project easier and give you even better user experience.

Of course, those are not only products with FTO in, everything you can find on a roadmap, which is on our website.

We know how important for you is the time, that is why we wanted to make cryptocurrency which could become a payment method, not only by implementing FTO for payments in shops, cafés, etc. but also by creating its usability by fast transactions.

“Four seconds is enough. Transfer of FuturoCoin is visible in payee’s wallet in no time. This is not a premium version. For us it is standard.” – it is not only a promise; it is our mission.

Thanks to the speed of our transaction, we can implement FuturoCoin as a payment method in café franchise, it will be the first place where without any problem our cryptocurrency will be accepted.

We don’t only want to create the best cryptocurrency; we want to build a better payment system for everyone!

FuturoCoin is not just another cryptocurrency it is an idea to build a better world.

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