As crypto markets plummet and Bitcoin Google searches decline, the leading cryptocurrency’s internet search popularity is still outstripping that of megastar Beyonce

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Litecoin Price Remains Bullish After Hitting $27.5

Brian Evans - Dec 17, 2018

Even though the weekend has offered both bearish and bullish market pressure alike, it seems Litecoin is coming up on top in the end. The currency has…

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This Brazilian Bank Is Using Ethereum to Issue a Stablecoin

Brian Evans - Dec 17, 2018

The Brazilian National Social Development Bank is to pilot a stablecoin based on ethereum to combat corruption.

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Kaspersky Lab Says Cryptojacking Cases Have Risen 400% in 2018

Brian Evans - Dec 17, 2018

Did you know there have been 13 million cryptojacking incidents in 2018? Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab has released data that cryptojacking cases have gone through the…

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