HADAX Bitcoin Exchange is Revolutionizing Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you want to take your project to the next level and achieve greater all-time highs, both for your company and for your investors, now is the pristine time. Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange, or HADAX for short, allows users to vote for the best listings on its global cryptocurrency exchange with international attention. Got an innovative project you want to list? The process to get listed is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Once a project team indicates interest regarding being listed on the Bitcoin exchange, Huobi will audit the company and project to verify its standings, accuracy, and most importantly, its legitimacy. HADAX is universally known for successfully listing creative digital assets for professional companies and investors. If you want recognition, here is your chance.


After surpassing Huobi’s audit, the project receives a final review by established companies called the Super Voting Nodes. For those who don’t already know, Super Voting Nodesare professional investment organizations with excellent reputations who work together to vote on the best projects. This ultimately helps HADAX pick quality projects and ones which are most likely to succeed in a global macro environment. Projects which receive 100% of votes from the Super Nodes will get recommended to be listed on Huobi Pro. This is where you want to be. Each quarter, Huobi Pro uses 20% of its total income during that period to buyback HT’s on the open market. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


When it comes to the scoring system, there are two main components: (1) 70% comes from voting rights; and (2) 30% from security deposits. Teams are required to pay the deposit according to their needs and are paid by HT’s. The deposit will be returned to the teams regularly, month by month over 12 months, and will start from the second month of live voting.


Lastly, the projects and companies which have made it this far will advance to the voting stage where users will get to vote for the #1 projects. Projects with the most number of vote will be listed on top and the order will be descending from there on out. Similarly, projects which are liked by the Super Voting Nodeswill also remain atop, akin to board members of public companies voting for company projects and initiatives. The top 2 voted projects will be listed on HADAX. It pays to be a winner!


In short, only the project which win will have used your tokens as voting rights. If the project you voted for has lost, Huobi Tokens you have used will be 100% refunded back to its original owner. To encourage more voting, teams can set up their own incentive rules. For example, they can give users 0.2HT for each vote they cast.Teams can also increase their incentives during the voting process as well in order to increase popularity and remain in the #1 spot.


To learn more, please visit https://huobiglobal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000760471-Voting-Rules,https://www.smallcapasia.com/huobi-hadax-exchange-vote-for-token-listing/, and https://www.hadax.com/vote/. Happy voting and best of luck to all!

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