A very interesting market trend has become apparent in the cryptocurrency industry. Following all of the recent gains, one would expect a major correction to kick in sooner or later. Surprisingly, that isn’t happening as of yet, as there are new gains on the horizon. For Holo price watchers, this development is more than appealing. In fact, it seems a hefty rise in value may loom on the horizon.

Holo Price is Popping Off Again

It is a bit uncanny how volatile cryptocurrencies can be on most occasions. This is especially true when considering how there has been a strong uptrend not that long ago. After such a development, one would expect things to worse progressively. This time seems to be different, which will only yield even further speculation as to how the bull market is finally in effect right now. It is still too early to say for sure what will be the case, though.

As far as the Holo price is concerned, it would appear the next leg up is already materializing. A bit of a surprising trend, as this altcoin has been quite bullish well before this uptrend even materialized. As such, few people expected another 6.75% increase in value so quickly after the previous run. Even so, that is exactly what is happening right now, which can make for a rather interesting day of altcoin trading once again.

It would appear there is a genuine reason as to why the Holo value is rising once again. More specifically, the developers are preparing for a closed alpha testnet release. It is expected eligible participants will be notified of this development over the coming days. This will mark the first software stack being released to the community, which is a pretty major milestone for this particular altcoin.

From the last announcement.
First crucial milestone, be ready!  Holo closed alpha testnet coming soon!#holochain #Holo #erc20 #blockchain #bitcoin  #ethereum #xlm #bchsv #crypto #eos #xmr #xrp #internet #trx #ltc #technology #decenteralized #cryptocurrency pic.twitter.com/GQUm7zkEKe

— HOLONEWS (@holochainnews) February 11, 2019

HAN is also convinced things will only get even more interesting for the Holo project in the near future. The launch of multiple exchanges built on top of Holochain would certainly be quite interesting to keep an eye on. However, it remains to be seen what all of this will mean in the long run. Expecting a price of $0.01 is still very ambitious, as it would require a nine-fold increase in value.

Predictably, #Holochain will be launching more exchanges in future. Most of the star projects of 2017 have about 0.5million owners. The number of holders represents the consensus strength, when #holo has 500,000 holder, you have no chance to buy it below $0.01

— HAN (@Yunli32154068) February 11, 2019

Last but not least, it would appear there is a new Holo-themed meme making the rounds on Twitter. It could very well apply to any cryptocurrency project on the market which effectively builds an infrastructure rather than revolve around hype for most of the time. Holo is certainly doing its job in this regard, albeit success won’t come easy in this industry whatsoever. As such, the coming months may prove to be rather crucial in many different ways, depending on how the developers decide to move forward.

$HOT #Holo $crypto $btc $eth $ada pic.twitter.com/jWg4LZuzAo

— HoloIslandNews | Holochain Community Member (@HoloIslandNews) February 11, 2019

All of these signs indicate the future of HOT may not be all that bad. With major developments finally taking place behind the scenes, it would appear the coming months will get very interesting for multiple reasons. At the same time, the individual value of the altcoin itself may not necessarily be impacted by these developments right away either. These markets respond in very odd ways most of the time.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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