In Estonia, Blockchain-based Consulting Marketplace is Being Established

For digitalization of enterprises and factories as well as to solve the problem of searching for qualified specialists in Estonia, the consulting marketplace G-Global Business Portal will be launched. This project was presented to the Member of Parliament and the Secretary-General of the Centre Party of Estonia, Mikhail Korb.

Mikhail Korb said that the modern economy provides growing demands on the quality of human resources. The emergence of new industries and trends generates a demand for focused specialists in labor markets of different countries.

To satisfy the growing personnel demands of companies the platform G-Global Business Portal was established – the consulting marketplace that unites experts and customers.

G-Global Business Portal team creates a marketplace for expert services, a fundamentally new platform for human interaction structured into decentralized protocols.

Mechanisms of the platform’s work will be created with the assistance and consultations of advisors on the platform interaction, Nobel laureates in economics Eric Maskin and Alvin Roth. In November 2017, the head of the G-Global Business Portal, Denis Tsyro signed with Eric Maskin in Harvard University and with Alvin Roth in Stanford University an agreement on cooperation for the platform development in Estonia. Academician Hanon Barabaner, the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, is the Scientific Director of the G-Global Business Portal.

The Advisor in the field of human resources management during the digitalization of the real economy sector is Sergei Sergienko (ChronoBank). The head of the G-Global Business Portal, Denis Tsyro notes the need to integrate the ChronoBank system into the consulting marketplace platform. The TIME token allows measuring the real efficiency of the employee and provides information about the usefulness of the employee at the enterprise.

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