InsurePal Welcomes Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem to Its Advisory Board, Sold-Out Pre-ICO


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InsurePal, the world’s first social proof insurance platform, is proud to welcome Bitcoin pioneering evangelist, Charlie Shrem to its illustrious advisory board. Charlie Shrem joins InsurePal as business development advisor, bringing an unparalleled wealth of rich entrepreneur experience to the future of insurance on the blockchain.

“I’m excited to join the advisory team on this project, and our company, Crypto IQ, is getting involved as well,” Charlie declared. “InsurePal is a very interesting concept, and I like to get involved in blockchain projects that are not finance-related. This team has its past success. It has been involved with other companies 

and has performed well. I believe we can be the bridge between crypto and non-crypto insurance, which will be a very interesting thing.”

As an advisor, Charlie has been instrumental in the successful launch of over a dozen blockchain startups and the initiation of numerous partnerships between crypto and non-crypto Enterprises. His recently founded media and advisory company, Crypto.IQ, boosts of a team of seasoned Wall Street veterans that aims to bring simplicity and clarity to the crypto industry. Same thing InsurePal will do for the insurance industry.

“InsurePal will bring this innovative concept of social proof and blockchain insurance to the people who have yet to be involved in crypto and provide an insurance solution for them,” Shrem said. “That is the most interesting part of it.”

World-class Team

Charlie Shrem and Crypto.IQ join a world-class team of experts, partnering to harness the power of social proofing on the blockchain. InsurePal’s next-generation peer-to-peer insurance platform solution reinvents the industry through social proof endorsements. The award-winning platform replaces the traditional – and often draconic – process of insurance coverage, offering not only a revolutionary new standard of coverage for the industry, but also bringing legitimacy to blockchain businesses.

Charlie will help InsurePal become a bridge between tradition and innovation that will shape the insurance industry moving forward.

Raising The Bar

InsurePal embeds social proof – the inbuilt mechanism representing our moral compasses – as a form of financial commitment on the network. Social proof endorsement allows both businesses and individuals access insurance coverage at a lower cost based on Trustscores. InsurePal’s Trustscore is a risk-aware measurement metric for ascertaining performance on the network. Endorsers are scored based on the performance of their endorsee.

At the prestigious d10e pitching contest in Ljubljana and Bucharest, InsurePal took home the top prizes indicating its resonance with the community and their backing of the platform’s bold reinvention of the industry.

Strategic Partnership

With cryptos expanding from mere speculative vehicles to real-world solution assets, InsurePal has signaled its intention to bring legitimacy to the crypto industry through strategic partnership. By synergizing with key players in the industry, the platform is poised to bridge the divide between cryptos and mainstream market, the first step towards which is the future-proofing of blockchain-based ventures.

Through its collaborative agreement with the first Internet of Agreements infrastructure platform, Mattereum, InsurePal will further the adoption of blockchain technology by providing insurance and arbitration for all business transactions on the blockchain

Sold Out Presale

InsurePal is also pleased to announce that its whitelist presale has successfully reached its hard cap and has now ended. 70% (140,700,000) of IPL tokens were sold, raising $12 million for the further development of the platform. The public is invited to join its public token crowdsale on January 16th and be a part of the future of insurance on the blockchain.

Find out more about InsurePal’s disruption of the insurance industry here

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