Georgian-based startup, Kepler Technologies, has announced a decentralized platform for the incubation and development of AI and robotics projects. The idea behind the blockchain-based platform is to facilitate a means for developers and inventors to conveniently obtain technical and financial resources for the advancement of their ideas and inventions.

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A Next-Generation Blockchain Ecosystem

By decentralizing development of AI and robotics, Kepler Technologies believes it is opening up the profit potential of the multi-billion dollar industries to anyone interested — wrestling it from the hands of the select few who are currently reaping the rewards.

Another way of looking at the platform is as an ecosystem for the community by the community – with “the community” being one of developers and inventors that use it. With these players collaborating with one another they, with other market participants, will be able to invest in AI and robotics development, while inventors will be able to securely access technical and financial resources for developing their projects.

With the use of tokenized assets, Keplertek’s decentralized project will be a vehicle to accelerate robotics and AI development. In addition, through the use of blockchain tech, it will bypass traditional nation-state borders that will create a global tech marketplace for everyone involved.

The platform will also give investors improved liquidity when compared to other traditional avenues of investment by way of exchangeable tokens that represent assets. Furthermore, it will specifically leverage analytics, data science, and predictive algorithms to realize the platform’s theoretical benefits.

The innovative Nature of Kepler

Kepler Technologies will be indirectly supported by the Georgian national government reform policy, something that will allow the startup to obtain the necessary land and property for the development of its facilities.

According to the company’s press release it will aim to build of the largest robotics facilities in the world through the help of the reform policy. A facility the company will presumably use to build prototypes and mass produce designs that make it through its test marketing stage.

In addition to its mega factory and robotics facilities, the company has also created a blockchain tech incubation platform for people to more easily show off their ideas and give them a way to connect with investors to shore up financial support.  Creators will be able to team up with other talented individuals to polish, present, prototype, patent, and market their ideas using the company’s global resources.

Every proposal present to Kepler Technologies will be recorded to the blockchain through its innovative Proof-of-Creation network protocols.

KEP Tokens: Fueling a Decentralized Era of AI and Robotics

The platform’s native token, KEP tokens, will be used to incentivize behaviors on the platform in a decentralized way. It will also be used as a utility token, allowing users to purchase products at a discount, voting for or against projects to be developed, and funding proposals that are accepted.

KEP tokens will be ERC-20 standard tokens that will be used to fund projects via a monetized voting mechanism — requiring users to vote in a specified amount defined by a smart contract.

Unlike most Token Generation Events, Kepler Technologies is backed by both tangible and intangible assets.

Visit the KeplerTek Website:

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