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Cardano Price Moves up After One-Year Anniversary Celebration

Brian Evans - Sep 30, 2018

As most cryptocurrency markets are showing signs of life, the Cardano price cannot remain behind. A small gain has been noted in both USD and BTC departments…

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Cardano Price Rises Due to Kraken Listing

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

Another day has dawned upon the cryptocurrency industry, and it seems things are heading in a rather interesting direction. The Cardano price is finally on the rise…

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Cardano Price: Upward Momentum Will Arrive Soon Based on Technical Analysis

Brian Evans - Sep 24, 2018

The cryptocurrency markets are stuck between upward momentum and going down in the red even further. More specifically, the Cardano price shows some one-hour bullish signs, yet…

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Cardano Price – 3 Bullish Predictions for Late 2018

Brian Evans - Sep 24, 2018

The Cardano price is on a lot of people’s minds right now. That is only normal, as this particular altcoin has a lot of potential in the…

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Cardano Price: Strong Gains due to Trezor Support and OKCoin Fiat Pairing

Brian Evans - Sep 21, 2018

Today has been a very peculiar day for all of the top cryptocurrencies. Considering how things have gone contrary to what people expected. It almost seems as…

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Cardano Price: Traders Expect Correction Rather Than Hitting $0.07

Brian Evans - Sep 18, 2018

The cryptocurrency markets are seemingly going through a small uptrend as of right now. Although it remains to be seen how long the momentum can last, the…

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Top 5 Changes Coming to Cardano in Version 1.4

Brian Evans - Sep 12, 2018

All cryptocurrency ecosystems need to keep evolving over time. Remaining competitive and innovative are two key requirements. For Cardano, its updated roadmap will introduce some interesting changes.…

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Cardano Price: Bearish Pressure Triggers Slippery Slope

Brian Evans - Aug 02, 2018

Any indication of positive momentum maturing across the cryptocurrency markets will seemingly not happen anytime soon. With the Bitcoin price still in the red, altcoins will not…

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Cardano Price: Steep Decline Worsens as Bitcoin’s Momentum Evaporates

Brian Evans - Jul 31, 2018

Things are not looking good for the cryptocurrency industry as of right now. All markets are still in the red, and some of the altcoins are going…

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Cardano Price: Brief Positive Spell Pushes Value Past $0.17

Brian Evans - Jul 22, 2018

All cryptocurrencies remain in the green for several hours on end now. That is not unusual during the weekend, as there is far less fiat currency trading…