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Binance’s Official Crypto Wallet Adds Support for XRP and Credit Card Purchases

Brian Evans - Mar 12, 2019

The official wallet of leading crypto exchange Binance, Trust Wallet, has added support for XRP and credit card purchases of crypto

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Proof of Keys Event May Highlight Centralization of Crypto, but Some of Its Claims Are Unfounded

Brian Evans - Jan 05, 2019

The Proof of Keys event raises questions about centralized exchanges, but questions also surround the event itself

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Opera Launches Beta ‘Labs’ Version of Built-In Crypto Wallet for Desktop Browser

Brian Evans - Sep 24, 2018

Opera is launching a “Labs” beta edition of its desktop web browser today with built-in crypto wallet functionality, which functions seamlessly with its existing Android wallet

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What Is Wasabi Wallet?

Brian Evans - Jul 25, 2018

Bitcoin wallets come in many shapes and sizes. Most of these creations offer something different, even though they all seem to lack privacy features. Wasabi Wallet may…

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EU Parliament Study: Central Bank Digital Currencies ‘Will Reshape Competition’ in Crypto Market

Brian Evans - Jul 22, 2018

A study issued by the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs suggest that gov’t issued cryptocurrencies could be a “remedy” for a lack of competition…

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German Government Raids Apartment, Confiscates and Sells $14M in Bitcoin

Brian Evans - May 31, 2018

Earlier this week, German mainstream media outlet Der Tagesspiegel reported that local authorities had raided the apartment of a criminal group and confiscated more than $14 million…

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Huawei Enables Native Bitcoin Wallet Support for Its Future Mobile Phones

Brian Evans - May 12, 2018

Buying Bitcoin still remains a bit of a difficult task. This is especially true in countries where buying Bitcoin is not deemed appropriate by the government. In…

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Electrum Developers Warn Bitcoin Users About Potentially Malicious Wallet Clone

Brian Evans - May 11, 2018

Bitcoin wallets are an integral tool in the world of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, not all wallets are created equal. The Electrum Pro wallet has nothing to do with the…

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How Secure Is Your Crypto Hardware Wallet?

Brian Evans - Mar 26, 2018

If you’ve just purchased some cryptocurrency, congratulations! Indeed, buying some cryptocurrency is a great step to take toward attaining fortune. Since you just purchased some cryptocurrency, it’s…

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Canadian Financial Regulator Warns Of Potential Scam, Unregistered “Cryptobank” ICO

Brian Evans - Mar 06, 2018

Canadian financial regulator warns investors of what appears to be a scam project, a “cryptobank” advertising its ICO #NEWS