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Major Crypto Exchanges Moving Into Fiat Trading

Brian Evans - Aug 11, 2018

Exchanges have played a vital role in bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. As the primary means to convert fiat into blockchain assets, they are indispensable to the…

Bitcoin Price News
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Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Tumbles to $5,995 on Bitstamp as Market Hits 6-Week Low

Brian Evans - Aug 10, 2018

The bitcoin price dipped below the $6,000 mark on cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, forcing the flagship cryptocurrency to a six-week low. The market had made a lukewarm recovery…

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One Year After the Bitfinex Hack, Cryptocurrency Has Become a More Robust Industry

Brian Evans - Aug 06, 2018

It has been a very interesting year for cryptocurrency. Wild price fluctuations and regulatory developments have put a brand-new perspective on things. One would almost forget Bitfinex…

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Crypto Exchange to Target African Market by Offering Low Transaction Fees

Brian Evans - Jul 18, 2018

A new crypto exchange is taking on established rivals by offering lower fees as it targets Africa and other developing markets where millions of people are unbanked…

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Crypto Startup Tether Hires Bank of Montreal Vet to Head Compliance Efforts

Brian Evans - Jul 12, 2018

Cryptocurrency startup Tether, the creator of the controversial crypto token of the same name, has hired a former Bank of Montreal executive to head the firm’s compliance…

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Unusual Activity Suggests Tether Trading on Kraken Is Being Manipulated: Report

Brian Evans - Jul 02, 2018

Three weeks after a University of Texas professor published a report alleging that Tether and Bitfinex had manipulated the price of Bitcoin all throughout 2017, a new…

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Positive News Keeps Flowing in, but Bitcoin’s Price Still Down

Brian Evans - Jun 29, 2018

There was a time when even the slightest hint that a new development was taking place in the crypto industry would drive prices up instantly. Reddit accepting…

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A Creative Incentivized Platform or Just Another Disguised ICO? The CoinBene Debate

Brian Evans - Jun 28, 2018

Ardent crypto fans have noticed that a new king has taken over the crypto exchange scene – and he brought some friends. With Binance and OKEx having…

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Report Says Tether Is Fully Backed By Dollars In Reserves, Questions Still Linger

Brian Evans - Jun 26, 2018

Tether has released a report that proves that its claim that every USDT token is backed by a dollar in reserves is genuine. In its transparency report,…

Bitcoin Futures
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Opinion: Bottoms up, Lads!

Brian Evans - Jun 26, 2018

Why is Bitcoin still crashing? Are we ever going to recover? Who caused this latest dip? Was it Tether? Bitcoin Futures? What about price manipulation? If you’re…