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Bitcoin Scams
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QuadrigaCX Reportedly Stored ETH on Kraken, Bitfinex and Poloniex, Research Finds

Brian Evans - Mar 03, 2019

A significant quantity of Ethereum has been probably stored by QuadrigaCX in other cryptocurrency exchanges, a new report finds

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US Govt Returns Stolen Bitcoin to Crypto Exchange Bitfinex From $65 Million Hack

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has revealed that 27.66270285 BTC, a portion of the stolen funds from the 2016 hack, was successfully recovered by law enforcement of the U.S. government. Recovered…

Bitcoin Scams
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Bitfinex’s Stolen Funds Partially Recovered and Returned by US Law Enforcement

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

Over $104,000 stolen from cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex in 2016 have been recovered and returned to the exchange by U.S. law enforcement

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US Government Returns Bitcoins Retrieved Following 2016 Bitfinex Hack

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

Bitfinex has announced that some of the bitcoin stolen in a major 2016 hack has been returned after it was retrieved by the U.S. government.

Bitcoin Regulation
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Blockchain and the City: New York State as a “Tough” Model of Crypto Regulation

Brian Evans - Feb 21, 2019

Will New York remain the financial capital when all finance goes blockchain?

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Bitfinex Resumes Trading After Unexpected 2-Hour Outage as Crypto Markets Surge

Brian Evans - Feb 09, 2019

Hong Kong-based Bitfinex has resumed operations after unexpectedly going offline for all users, as crypto markets see major growth

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Data: US Traders Most Active Across Major Crypto Exchanges

Brian Evans - Feb 06, 2019

DataLight presents new data that shows that U.S. traders are the most active across major crypto exchange markets worldwide

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Obscure Problems Crypto Users Can Face, Explained

Brian Evans - Jan 22, 2019

Issues withdrawing funds? Coins sent to the wrong address? Unconfirmed transactions? We’ve got the answers to these unexpected problems — and more

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Security Report Gives A or A- Rating to 16% of Major Crypto Exchanges, None Get A+

Brian Evans - Jan 16, 2019

Independent security analysts at ICORating have given 16 percent of the world’s biggest crypto trading platforms an A rating, and none an A+.

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Bitcoin Surges 5% in Minutes: Can it Lead to Bigger Rallies This Month?

Brian Evans - Jan 07, 2019

The Bitcoin price has surged by six percent on the day to $4,070, breaking out of the $4,000 mark comfortably for the first time since Christmas Eve.…