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New Platform Enables Trades Across 200 Tools and Runs Educational Crypto Show

Brian Evans - Feb 11, 2019

A cross-market platform enables users to trade crypto, forex and other financial instruments — and even features a YouTube crypto series hosted by clowns #SPONSORED

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Korean Central Bank Study: Issuing Digital Currency Poses Financial Risk

Brian Evans - Feb 07, 2019

A Bank of Korea study concluded that a central bank digital currency could adversely affect commercial banks and ultimately financial stability.

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Bahamian Firm to Boost Local Economy with Blockchain-Based Sunken Treasure Project

Brian Evans - Jan 30, 2019

Bahamian tech company PO8 has developed a project to register the data of excavated sunken artifacts on blockchain

Bank of Japan
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A Scandal Unfolds: Japan’s Impressive Growth Rates Were a Lie; 40% of Economic Data Faked

Brian Evans - Jan 29, 2019

Years of growth, trillions in government bonds, and substantial capital sought from outside investors may see a U-Turn in the coming days as Japan’s prized economic policies…

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PwC Thinks India will Outperform the U.K.’s Economy: Here’s what the ‘Big Four’ Firm and the ‘GDP’ Indicator get Wrong

Brian Evans - Jan 23, 2019

By CCN.com: A publication by accounting firm PwC has placed India on track for a 7.6 percent growth in 2019, setting a path for the country to…

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MIT Professor: Blockchain Can Allow for More Inclusive, Borderless Economy

Brian Evans - Jan 21, 2019

Once a blockchain system successfully combines security, decentralization and scalability, a borderless economy can be achieved, says MIT professor

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Russian Finance Ministry Considers EAEU Digital Currency ‘Inevitable’ Due to US Sanctions

Brian Evans - Dec 21, 2018

Russia’s Ministry of Finance believes that creation of a single digital currency backed by Eurasian Union is inevitable due to U.S. sanctions

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‘Legendary’ PoS Creator Announces Plans to Remove Entry Barriers for Developers in 2019

Brian Evans - Dec 18, 2018

A blockchain project led by the creator of PoS, Sunny King, revealed five milestones for 2019 to bring a “brand-new digital economy era.” #SPONSORED

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Report: Blockchain Technology Could Reduce Uncertainty in Foreign Trade

Brian Evans - Sep 29, 2018

According to a report from the Austrian Research Center FIW, blockchain and AI can make the export economy more efficient

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WEF — Blockchain Could Improve Multiple Spheres of Global Economy

Brian Evans - Sep 24, 2018

The WEF explains how blockchain could overhaul the global economy — from governance and finance to environmental issues