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Altcoin News
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Social Media FUD Triggers High-Profile Departure of Ethereum Classic Developer

Brian Evans - Mar 19, 2019

Another coder from a leading blockchain project is throwing in the towel. This time, it’s Anthony Lusardi, who is resigning from his post as U.S. director of…

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North Korea Again Faces Charges of Using Cryptocurrency To Evade Sanctions

Brian Evans - Mar 18, 2019

The United Nations Security Council has concluded that the North Korean government has been using cryptocurrency to evade international sanctions, and is behind a series of cyberattacks…

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Thai SEC Added 3 Cryptos to List of Crypto Assets Suitable for ICOs and Trading

Brian Evans - Feb 28, 2019

The list of cryptocurrencies suitable for use in ICO investments and trading pairs has been updated by the Thai SEC

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Bitcoin Approaches $3,900 as Crypto Markets Stabilize, Stock Market Slightly Down

Brian Evans - Feb 27, 2019

Bitcoin approaches the $3,900 mark again as most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting a mix of slight gains and losses

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Crypto Markets See Double-Digit Crash, Asian Markets Soar as Trump Delays Tariff Hike

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

Cryptocurrencies are today seeing a blood-red market rout, with virtually all of the top 20 coins posting losses of between 7 and 17 percent

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Bitcoin Drops Sharply to Below $3,900, Total Market Cap Sheds $15 Billion

Brian Evans - Feb 24, 2019

Bitcoin falls sharply back under $3,900 from over $4,000 as the top 20 cryptocurrencies report heavy losses

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Bitcoin Stuck Around $3,400 as the Stock Market Sees a Minor Downturn

Brian Evans - Feb 07, 2019

Bitcoin hovers near $3,400 again while the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting mostly slight to noteworthy gains

Ethereum Classic
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Why Google Data Scientists Are Interested in Ethereum Classic

Brian Evans - Feb 05, 2019

Google just added BigQuery support for Ethereum Classic because startups are investing in use cases.

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ConsenSys Developer Joins Ethereum Classic Cooperative as Executive Director

Brian Evans - Jan 31, 2019

A developer at blockchain tech firm ConsenSys, Bob Summerwill, has joined the Ethereum Classic Cooperative as its executive director

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Bitcoin Stands Still Around $3,400 as Most Top Cryptos Report Moderate Gains

Brian Evans - Jan 29, 2019

Bitcoin falls under $3,500 again as the top 20 cryptocurrencies report mostly moderate gains