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What Is the FREEDOMX Movement?

Brian Evans - Feb 19, 2019

In the United States alone, there are over half a million homeless people on a given night. Out of those, over 190 thousand are unsheltered and have…

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What Is Naked Dollars (NKD)?

Brian Evans - Jan 15, 2019

At its core, NKD Technologies is an asset backed ERC20 token. The token had an ICO back in November of 2017, during the peak of the crypto…

Crypto Currency
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Why Did Everybody Stop Giving a Shit About Cryptocurrency?

Brian Evans - Jan 12, 2019

Let’s admit it, 2018 has been an awful year for cryptocurrency. Fueled by Hopium and promises of a bull run, the market tanked over 80% from its…

Crypto Currency
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What is Leverage Trading?

Brian Evans - Jan 08, 2019

Trading in cryptocurrencies always involves certain risks. These markets are incredibly volatile, which is part of what makes them so attractive. Some traders are not content with…

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What Is XRP’s Real Marketcap?

Brian Evans - Dec 31, 2018

With XRP overtaking Ethereum last month, everybody’s attention is on each coin’s market cap. With XRP having coins locked away, it creates a discrepancy when calculating the…

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What is Dash?

Brian Evans - Dec 28, 2018

There are numerous cryptocurrency projects worth keeping an eye on. For novice users, this can lead to an overwhelming amount of information waiting to be processed. In…

Bitcoin gold.
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What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

Brian Evans - Dec 27, 2018

Numerous cryptocurrencies try to imitate Bitcoin in many different ways. Not all of these projects are equally successful, which is only to be expected. In the case…

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What is Tezos?

Brian Evans - Dec 20, 2018

There is plenty of innovation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. As such, keeping tabs on all of the innovative and potentially groundbreaking developments is of the…

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Top 10 Common Questions About Dogecoin Answered

Brian Evans - Dec 17, 2018

We identified some of the most common questions that people ask about Dogecoin. While most people have heard of Bitcoin, not everybody is that familiar with Dogecoin.…

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Is Right Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Brian Evans - Dec 13, 2018

There are always people looking at the current price trend of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As all markets continue to lose value, it would seem there is…