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HSBC Reports 25% Savings in Forex Trade Settlement Using Blockchain

Brian Evans - Feb 14, 2019

London-based banking giant HSBC has revealed its blockchain-powered platform cut costs for forex trade settlement by a quarter

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HSBC Exec Says Using Blockchain Slashed Forex Trading Costs by 25%

Brian Evans - Feb 14, 2019

An HSBC executive has told Reuters that using blockchain slashed the costs of settling foreign exchange trades by a quarter.

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New Platform Enables Trades Across 200 Tools and Runs Educational Crypto Show

Brian Evans - Feb 11, 2019

A cross-market platform enables users to trade crypto, forex and other financial instruments — and even features a YouTube crypto series hosted by clowns #SPONSORED

Bitcoin Scams
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Italian Securities Regulator CONSOB Adds Crypto Company Togacoin to Scam Blacklist

Brian Evans - Jan 28, 2019

Togacoin has been added by the Italian securities regulator, the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB), to its scam blacklist

Bitcoin Scams
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Spanish Securities Regulator Adds 23 Forex and Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Warning List

Brian Evans - Jan 14, 2019

23 unauthorized forex and cryptocurrency entities have been added to the warning list of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission

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CFTC Charges Two Defendants for Defrauding Investors and Impersonation of CFTC Officials

Brian Evans - Sep 29, 2018

CFTC files suit against two defendants for running two fraudulent businesses, as well as impersonating CFTC officials to request false crypto taxes

blue trading
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Save time, and generate profits with award-winning trading company Blue Trading

Brian Evans - Aug 14, 2018

Trading is a skill set that requires a lot of preparation in order to consistently generate profits for yourself. You would have to study as much as…

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Is the Forex Market Ready to Go Blockchain? Some Banks Don’t Think So

Brian Evans - Aug 03, 2018

CLS is almost ready to put the forex market on the blockchain, but not all participants are on the same page

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FX Settlement Provider CLS Begins Final Testing for Blockchain Payment Banking Service

Brian Evans - Jul 29, 2018

At least 7 banks are reportedly ready to sign up to the CLS blockchain-based payment netting service after the launch this summer, as the service enters its…

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TRON Enters the FX Market Through Shift Markets Partnership

Brian Evans - Jun 09, 2018

Interesting developments surrounding TRON continue to happen at an accelerated pace. Over the past few months, the project has gotten a lot of attention for multiple reasons.…