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French Cybersecurity Agency Grants Security Certificate to Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

Brian Evans - Mar 18, 2019

The Ledger Nano S from French crypto hardware wallet firm Ledger has received a First Level Security Certificate from France’s national cybersecurity agency

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French Court Clerks to Use IBM Blockchain Platform for Corporate Registry

Brian Evans - Mar 15, 2019

Commercial court clerks in France will use an IBM blockchain-based platform to record changes in companies’ legal status

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IBM Scores Nationwide Blockchain Deal With France’s Commercial Court Clerks

Brian Evans - Mar 14, 2019

Court clerks across France will soon be recording changes in companies' legal status on a Hyperledger blockchain built by IBM.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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France’s Millionaire Tax Failed – So Will AOC’s Green New Deal

Brian Evans - Mar 11, 2019

It seems like New York and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could learn a thing or two from Europe. The “millionaire tax” that both the state and its most controversial…

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French Financial Regulator Proposes Ban on Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

Brian Evans - Mar 08, 2019

The head of the Finance Committee of France’s National Assembly proposed to ban anonymity-focused cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash

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Credit Agricole-Backed Blockchain Startup Setl Files for Insolvency in the UK

Brian Evans - Mar 07, 2019

Credit Agricole-backed blockchain startup Setl has filed for insolvency only months after it has been granted permission to run a central securities depository

Emmanuel Macron
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French Far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen Faces Imprisonment for Anti-ISIS Tweets

Brian Evans - Mar 07, 2019

The French far-right leader Marine Le Pen faces three years imprisonment and a possibly €75,000 ($90,000) fine over tweets she shared four years ago showing ISIS atrocities.…

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France’s Main Trade Seaport Joins Blockchain Pilot for Freight Logistics: Report

Brian Evans - Mar 06, 2019

The main trade seaport of France, Marseille Fos Port, has joined a blockchain pilot for freight logistics

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France Targets Amazon, Google, Facebook for an Annual $500 Million Tax Boost

Brian Evans - Mar 06, 2019

France is targeting large technology firms such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and others in a move that could fetch the French nation about $500 million. French…

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Retail Giant Carrefour Applies Blockchain for Tracking Milk Product Supply Chain

Brian Evans - Mar 05, 2019

Carrefour is gradually rolling out its new blockchain-powered product, Carrefour Quality Line micro-filtered full-fat milk