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Winklevoss Twins and Charlie Shrem Settle Long-Running Legal Fight Over 2012 Bitcoin Deal

Brian Evans - Apr 17, 2019

After the Winklevoss case was dismissed, Charlie Shrem told Cointelegraph: “From day one, I’ve maintained the allegations are bogus”

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Crypto Exchange Gemini Rolls Out Native Wallet Support for SegWit Bitcoin Addresses

Brian Evans - Apr 17, 2019

Gemini, the crypto exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, has updated its wallet infrastructure to include support for SegWit bitcoin addresses

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Gemini Is Now the Largest Bitcoin Exchange to Add ‘Full’ SegWit Support

Brian Evans - Apr 17, 2019

Gemini says it has added "full" support for SegWit, an important bitcoin code change that paves the way for scaling improvements.

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Blockchain.com Wallet Latest to #DelistBSV

Brian Evans - Apr 16, 2019

Blockchain.com, one of the oldest non-custodial wallet services on the web, has decided to #delistBSV. While the official note on the subject offers no justification or reasoning,…

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Crypto Analytics Firm Messari Introduces New Exchange Index Following Fake Volume Reports

Brian Evans - Mar 26, 2019

Crypto research firm Messari has added a new index of 10 crypto trading platforms on its OnChainFX dashboard

Altcoin News
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Coinbase-Backed Stablecoin Claims Rivals Deceptively Pump Market Caps

Brian Evans - Mar 25, 2019

Touted as the next big thing in crypto, stablecoins promise investors volatility-proof exposure to decentralized assets, but insiders say that this emerging asset class is vulnerable to…

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Winklevoss Capital Partner Sterling Witzke: Dollar Is Not Designed for the Internet, but Stablecoins Are

Brian Evans - Mar 20, 2019

Sterling Witzke, a Winklevoss Capital partner, speaks about the future of stablecoins, regulatory clarity in U.S. and a fair price for Bitcoin in an interview with Cointelegraph

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Crypto Exchange Gemini Joins British Telecom’s Radianz Cloud Broker Community

Brian Evans - Feb 27, 2019

The BT Radianz Cloud broker community has been joined by Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins

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Forbes “Fintech 50” List, Reviewed: New Players, Veterans and Startups Which Didn’t Make the Cut

Brian Evans - Feb 09, 2019

Review of the fresh Forbes’ “Fintech 50” list: Just six crypto companies made the cut this year, but four of them debuted for the first time

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Winklevoss Exchange Gemini Shuts Down Accounts Over Stablecoin Redemptions

Brian Evans - Feb 05, 2019

OTC traders tell CoinDesk that crypto exchange Gemini is limiting access to redemptions of its GUSD stablecoin.