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Grayscale Assures Investors: Ethereum Classic Trust Funds Not at ‘Direct Risk’

Brian Evans - Jan 11, 2019

In the wake of the 51 percent attack on ethereum classic, the manager of an investment vehicle that holds the cryptocurrency has reassured investors their funds are…

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Grayscale Investments Successfully Attracts Institutional Investors

Brian Evans - Jul 21, 2018

Various financial firms maintain active cryptocurrency portfolios these days. Grayscale Investments is one of the more well-known companies in this regard. The company has published its first…

Bitcoin Exchange
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Coinbase Scores Major Whale for Institutional Brokerage Service: Report

Brian Evans - Jul 20, 2018

Industry giant Coinbase has scored a major win for its recently-launched institutional brokerage service, as a major hedge fund has begun using its platform to dip its…

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Grayscale Investments Announces ZenCash Investment Trust

Brian Evans - Jun 17, 2018

Cryptocurrencies have been playing an increasingly important role in the financial sector. Grayscale Investments is leading the charge in this regard. The crypto investment fund has launched several…

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Grayscale Investments Announces Four New Cryptocurrency Investment Trusts

Brian Evans - Mar 08, 2018

Exposing more people to the cryptocurrency ecosystem is an ongoing challenge for all companies. So far, the general public has seemingly cooled off on cryptocurrencies ever since…

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XRP, BCH, LTC & ETH: Grayscale Adds 4 New Crypto Trusts

Brian Evans - Mar 06, 2018

Grayscale Investments, the creator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, is launching four new trusts for ethereum, litecoin, XRP and bitcoin cash today.