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Cheollima Civil Defense
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North Korean Revolutionaries Turn to Crypto to Oust Kim Jong-un

Brian Evans - Mar 20, 2019

An organized dissident revolutionary group calling itself Cheollima Civil Defense is actively working to overthrow Kim Jong-un and the government of North Korea. The group has announced…

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Christchurch Terrorist Invested and Profited from Crypto Scam Bitconnect

Brian Evans - Mar 15, 2019

New Zealand has suffered one of its darkest days after a terrorist targeted several Christchurch mosques killing 49 people and seriously wounding 20 others. The alleged killer,…

Anthony Tan
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Uber-Killer Grab Prepares for War in Asia by Raising $1.5 Billion

Brian Evans - Mar 06, 2019

The cash-grab brings the Singapore tech firm’s valuation up to $14 billion, according to press reports. Singapore-based ride-hailing firm Grab has packed its war chest with $1.5…

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Max Keiser on Bitcoin Cynic Warren Buffett: ‘He’s a Complete Failure’

Brian Evans - Mar 04, 2019

Appearing for an interview with BlockTV, Max Keiser explained why he thinks Warren Buffett has been throwing shade at the crypto community. Keiser did not hold back:…

Blockchain News
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These ‘Biometric Blockchain ATMs’ Scan Your Face to Fight Dark Web Card Fraud

Brian Evans - Mar 01, 2019

Cutting-edge blockchain ATM prototypes are being rolled out in Saudi Arabia with a unique take on granting users access to funds. The ATMs use biometric scanners to…

Alex Jones
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Alex Jones Tells Joe Rogan: George Soros Offered Me $5 Million to ‘Pump Bitcoin’

Brian Evans - Mar 01, 2019

Alex Jones made his triumphant return to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, where he discussed Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and his arch-nemesis, George Soros, among other things. Jones…

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Bitcoin Bull Max Keiser Blasts Billionaire Skeptic Warren Buffet as an ‘Unmitigated Fraud’

Brian Evans - Feb 24, 2019

Bitcoin enthusiast Max Keiser took a gander at a recent letter Warren Buffett sent to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and he wasn’t pleased at all. He saw the…

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Newsflash: Tesla Just Bought a Battery Maker for $218 Million in All-Stock Deal

Brian Evans - Feb 04, 2019

Tesla Inc. announced one of its rare acquisitions Monday, of ultracapacitor company, Maxwell Technologies Inc., in order to bolster the Silicon Valley automaker’s battery technology as it…

2020 us presidential election
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Here’s What Every Major 2020 US Presidential Candidate Has Said about Bitcoin

Brian Evans - Feb 02, 2019

The 2020 US presidential election is still nearly two years away, but campaign season is already in full swing. Before long, voters will know which Democrats support…

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Donald Trump Might Pick This Bitcoin Optimist to Lead the World Bank

Brian Evans - Feb 01, 2019

When Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin, a message in the cryptocurrency’s Genesis block made clear that it was a direct response to banking industry mismanagement and the financial…