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Bitcoin Regulation
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Israel Confirms Cryptocurrency Will Be Taxed As Property, Not Currency

Brian Evans - Feb 20, 2018

Cryptocurrencies will be taxed as property in Israel, Tax Authority confirms #NEWS

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Tezos Co-Founder Kathleen Breitman: Platform Will Soon Be Launched

Brian Evans - Feb 20, 2018

Kathleen Breitman, a co-founder of Tezos promised to “go rogue” and launch the platform in several weeks. #NEWS

Bitcoin Scams
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Don’t believe the hype. The five largest “ICO exit scams”: Expert Take

Brian Evans - Feb 20, 2018

Investors of five largest ICO exit scams lost over $20 million. #EXPERT_TAKE

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Actor Steven Seagal Endorses Questionable ‘Bitcoiin’ ICO

Brian Evans - Feb 20, 2018

Action film star Steven Seagal has become the brand ambassador for a controversial cryptocurrency ahead of an initial coin offering (ICO).

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The First Multi-Cryptocurrency Skill Gaming Platform

Brian Evans - Feb 19, 2018

The PlayHall team is taking part in d10e Conference, which will be held in Silicon Valley. The program of the event includes the PlayHall CTO’s Vadim Nareyko…

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Green Mining Company To Reduce Coin Generating Energy Costs By Harnessing Renewable Power

Brian Evans - Feb 19, 2018

Could we put an end to mining energy wastage through hydro and wind power? #SPONSORED

Bitcoin Regulation
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US: Republican, Democrat Officials Calling For Crypto Regulation In Rare Show Of Unity

Brian Evans - Feb 19, 2018

Bipartisan group of US lawmakers seeks crypto regulation, prompted by ‘growing popularity’ of crypto leading to ‘growing risks’. #NEWS

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New Platform For Social Media Influencer to Increase Views and Save Earnings

Brian Evans - Feb 19, 2018

A Japanese startup to save money for Influencers. #SPONSORED

Alt coins
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Decentralized Platforms Sit At The Heart of The Blockchain Revolution: Part 2

Brian Evans - Feb 18, 2018

In part one of our examination of Decentralized Application Platforms (dApps), we examined Ethereum, NEO, and NEM, which are the three dominant players in this space. DApp…

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Why Switzerland is Becoming a “Crypto Nation” with a Flourishing ICO Market: Expert Take

Brian Evans - Feb 18, 2018

How regulatory approach makes Switzerland a cryptocurrency tax haven #EXPERT_TAKE