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Russian State Nuclear Corporation to Develop Blockchain for ‘Increased Efficiency’

Brian Evans - Oct 01, 2018

IT department of Russian state nuclear energy company plans to develop blockchain, AI and IoT to increase the productivity

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McAfee Labs: Crypto Mining Malware Grows by 86% in Q2, Over 2.5 Mln New Coin Miner Samples

Brian Evans - Sep 26, 2018

The McAfee Labs Q2 threat report states that crypto mining malware “remains very active” with 2.5 million new malware coin miner samples in Q2

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IBM Awarded Patent for Autonomous Self-Servicing Devices Within Blockchain-Based IoT System

Brian Evans - Sep 24, 2018

IBM has been awarded a patent for the autonomous self-servicing of networked devices that form part of its Autonomous Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Telemetry (ADEPT) environment

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Uber’s Largest Shareholder to Launch Cross-Carrier Mobile Payments Service Based on Blockchain and RCS

Brian Evans - Sep 12, 2018

Uber’s largest shareholder SoftBank will launch a cross-carrier mobile payments service based on blockchain and RCS

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Chinese Central Bank Launches Testing Phase of Trade Finance Blockchain Platform

Brian Evans - Sep 04, 2018

China's central bank has launched a trial of a blockchain platform to “promote the formation of market trust mechanism[s]”

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Australian Gov’t Partners With IBM and Legal Experts to Build Smart Contracts Platform

Brian Evans - Aug 30, 2018

IBM has partnered with the Australian government and legal experts to build a blockchain-based smart contracts platform for enterprises

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Top 6 Projects Combining Blockchain and IoT Technology

Brian Evans - Aug 28, 2018

On paper, it seems to be a matter of time until blockchain technology and the Internet of Things converge in a meaningful manner. Various blockchain projects are…

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IoT Hackers Could Hit a New Low By Targeting Water Supplies

Brian Evans - Aug 23, 2018

By hacking into fleets of vehicles, cardiac devices, and baby heartbeat monitors, we thought IoT hackers had already hit a new low. Beyond manipulating our data or…

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China’s IT Ministry Considering Strategy for Advancing Blockchain Development

Brian Evans - Aug 09, 2018

China’s IT ministry is reportedly planning to boost blockchain adoption, and is suggesting a number of measures to promote the technology

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Bank of China CIO Says Bank to Increase Investments in Blockchain, Fintech

Brian Evans - Aug 09, 2018

Report: Bank of China’s CIO has revealed the company’s plan to increase investments for technological development, including in blockchain