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Cryptojacking Overtakes Ransomware as Top Malware in Some Countries

Brian Evans - Dec 15, 2018

In certain countries, malware that uses infected hardware for unauthorized crypto mining is increasingly becoming the top cyber threat

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Legit vs. Illicit Crypto: North and South Korean Approaches Compared

Brian Evans - Sep 27, 2018

North and South Korea are both crazy about crypto, but in very different ways

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McAfee Labs: Crypto Mining Malware Grows by 86% in Q2, Over 2.5 Mln New Coin Miner Samples

Brian Evans - Sep 26, 2018

The McAfee Labs Q2 threat report states that crypto mining malware “remains very active” with 2.5 million new malware coin miner samples in Q2

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McAfee Labs Confirms Cybersecurity’s Worst Nightmares

Brian Evans - Sep 26, 2018

You already knew this, but let me throw another coal on the fire. Cybercrime is rampant, widespread, indiscriminate, and worst of all–on the rise. That’s not just…

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Cryptocurrency Malware Education – XBash

Brian Evans - Sep 19, 2018

A lot of things are happening in the world of malware and ransomware. Cryptocurrency remains a very prominent target for criminals in this regard. A new malware,…

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Vigilante Botnet Infects Computers to Remove Cryptocurrency Malware

Brian Evans - Sep 18, 2018

Botnets have become increasingly powerful over the last few years, to the point where the US Department of Homeland Security admitted that they couldn’t face the problem…

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4 Simple Guidelines to Remain Safe From Cryptojacking Attacks

Brian Evans - Sep 13, 2018

Cryptojacking is a very serious threat which cannot be taken lightly. It seems a lot of devices continue to get infected with cryptocurrency mining malware these days. The…

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Gone in 60 Seconds – 7 Scary Statistics About the Evil Internet Minute

Brian Evans - Sep 01, 2018

Plenty of things can happen in a minute. And when it comes to your security online, those 60 seconds are enough to send your business into a…

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Firefox to Block Cryptojacking Malware in New Browser Releases

Brian Evans - Sep 01, 2018

Firefox will block cryptojacking malware in future versions of its web browser as part of an anti-tracking initiative

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Kaspersky Lab: North Korea Hacks Cryptocurrency Exchange With ‘First’ macOS Malware

Brian Evans - Aug 23, 2018

Kaspersky Lab: North Korea’s Lazarus Group attempted to infect a cryptocurrency exchange with new malware