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Bitcoin Price Ends September At Lowest Volatility in 15 Months

Brian Evans - Oct 01, 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) traded in a $1,329 range in September, recording its least volatile month since July of 2017.

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Most ICOs Didn’t Take Funding Hit Despite Ether Price Decline: Research

Brian Evans - Oct 01, 2018

Despite the big drops in ether prices since late last year, ICO projects haven't lost money on average, according to new research from BitMEX.

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Sign Emerges That Falling Bitcoin Price Just Might Have a Floor

Brian Evans - Oct 01, 2018

A long-term indicator looks to have been shoring up bitcoin's price over the last four months.

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Up 80%: XRP’s September Wasn’t Just Bullish, It Was Record-Setting

Brian Evans - Oct 01, 2018

XRP broke records in September and was the best performer out of the world's 25 largest cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin Price Makes Second Straight Monthly Loss in September

Brian Evans - Sep 30, 2018

Bitcoin is reporting losses for a second straight month, but there are hints of a bullish breakout ahead in the fourth quarter.

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This Meme Marketplace Uses Dummy Tokens to Draw Users in a Bear Market

Brian Evans - Sep 30, 2018

Even before its protocol is live, District0x's Meme Factory has engaged its community in blockchain governance with a meme contest and fake tokens.

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Bitcoin Breakout Elusive As Price Retreats from One-Week Highs

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

Bitcoin missed a bull breakout by a whisker, as prices backed off from a six-day high of $6,826 hit earlier today.

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History Repeating? Why Ether’s Price Just Might Have Bottomed Out

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

Ether's BTC pair is forming a market structure similar to its bottom in December of 2017, so we explore the possibility if history repeating itself.

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Crypto Money Market Compound Lets You HODL and Earn

Brian Evans - Sep 27, 2018

Compound, a crypto money market, launched today on ethereum. Now hodlers can earn interest on their crypto.

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Bitcoin Price Volatility Hits Lowest Level In Nearly 2 Years

Brian Evans - Sep 26, 2018

Bitcoin price volatility, as indicated by Bollinger band width, has hit the lowest level since December 2016.