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Major Crypto Mergers and Acquisitions in 2019

Brian Evans - Mar 12, 2019

The digital market has transformed tremendously over the years. Despite its unpredictable nature, individuals and corporations commensurably continue to take a keen interest in the cryptocurrency world.…

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This Cryptocurrency Surged 200% after a Good Old Pump from Mastercard

Brian Evans - Mar 12, 2019

On March 11, Groestlecoin surged by 206 percent against the U.S. dollar within several hours, easily outperforming Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market. Groestlecoin has…

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Ripple and Barclays Pour in $1.5+ Million for XRP Based Remittance Startup

Brian Evans - Mar 09, 2019

Multiple tech investors, including Ripple and Barclays, have generously spent $1.7 million to support SendFriend, which happens to be a remittance startup. Over the months, we have…

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Bitcoin is ‘Potentially Disruptive’ to PayPal & Visa: Analyst

Brian Evans - Feb 27, 2019

Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency won’t supplant PayPal and credit cards as payment options yet, but they could in due time. That’s the assessment of Lisa Ellis, an…

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Accenture Works With Mastercard, Amazon to Boost Circular Supply Chain Using DLT

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

Accenture is working with major global firms including Mastercard and Amazon Web Services to introduce a blockchain-based circular supply chain

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Accenture’s New Blockchain App Lets Users Tip ‘Sustainable’ Producers

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

Accenture has announced a prototype blockchain-based supply chain app designed to reward business practices that conserve natural resources.

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Decentralized App Platforms Moving Up In Value, May Indicate Overall Market Recovery

Brian Evans - Feb 24, 2019

Since the beginning of the year, crypto prices have largely been stable, leading many analysts to argue that a general recovery is underway. At a minimum, there…

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Mastercard, Visa Greed Could be the Catalyst For Merchants Accepting Bitcoin

Brian Evans - Feb 20, 2019

Visa and Mastercard are reportedly on the cusp of hiking fees they charge merchants who accept credit and debit cards. They could hike the fees they charge…

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Ripple, Mastercard and Barclays Invest in Ripple-Based Remittance Firm SendFriend

Brian Evans - Feb 12, 2019

Remittance company SendFriend sees investments from Ripple, Mastercard, MIT Media Lab and Barclays

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EU Smacks Mastercard with $650 Million Fine for Doing What Credit Card Companies Do Best

Brian Evans - Jan 23, 2019

By CCN.com: The European Commission on Tuesday slammed Mastercard with a 570.6 million euro ($650 million) fine after finding the company guilty of breaching antitrust rules. According…