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What I Learned From Running a Cryptocurrency News Site for the Past 5 Years

Brian Evans - Jan 12, 2019

For those of you that may not know, I am the founder of NullTX. This site has been live for almost 5 years and today I wanted…

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Argentina: NEM Foundation to Develop Blockchain-Powered Copyright System for Journalists

Brian Evans - Jan 07, 2019

NEM Foundation in Argentina has partnered with a local trade union of journalists to create a blockchain tool to protect intellectual property rights

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Good Ol’ FUD: The Brightest Media Burials of Bitcoin in 2018

Brian Evans - Jan 02, 2019

For Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary, we remember the brightest FUD of 2018: from Tulip Mania to Dr. Doom calling Vitalik a “dictator for life.”

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Take 2: News Startup Civil Announces Rebooted Token Sale for February

Brian Evans - Dec 19, 2018

After a failed token sale in October, ConsenSys startup Civil is launching an offering in February that incorporates lessons learned.

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China’s Social Media Giant WeChat Blocks a Number of Crypto Media Accounts, Sources Say

Brian Evans - Aug 22, 2018

China’s 1 billion-user social media platform WeChat has reportedly blocked a series of crypto and blockchain related accounts, including Huobi News and Coindaily, according to local media

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Big Investors Deny Involvement In Crypto Miner Bitmain’s Pre-IPO Funding

Brian Evans - Aug 21, 2018

Following reports of Bitmain closing a $1 billion pre-IPO investment round, some notable investors have disputed their alleged participation.

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Blockchain in Media: How Can Blockchain Fight Piracy?

Brian Evans - Aug 08, 2018

Coming from cryptoanarchism, blockchain has something to offer to copyright

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‘No Coffee for Bitcoin,’ Starbucks Clarifies as Media Misrepresent Its New Crypto Venture

Brian Evans - Aug 05, 2018

“Customers will not be able to pay for Frappuccinos with bitcoin,” Starbucks clarifies, after media misleadingly report on the company’s new crypto-related venture

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Blockchain in Media: How Blockchain Can Help Advertising

Brian Evans - Aug 02, 2018

What is the Proof-of-View and how it would help to fight fraud

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IBM, Mediaocean Partner to Tackle Ad Industry Opacity with Blockchain

Brian Evans - Jun 19, 2018

IBM iX and ad software provider Mediaocean are forming a blockchain consortium aimed to solve some of the biggest issues in advertising.