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Stellar Foundation Appoints Former Mozilla COO as CEO and Executive Director

Brian Evans - Mar 15, 2019

Former COO at Mozilla, Denelle Dixon, has been appointed as new CEO and executive director at the Stellar Development Foundation

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Stellar Foundation Hires Mozilla Exec as Its New CEO

Brian Evans - Mar 15, 2019

The Stellar Foundation has hired former Mozilla exec Denelle Dixon to be its new CEO as founder Jed McCaleb moves to a tech role.

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Blockchain Browser Brave Files Adtech Complaints Against Google for User Data Practices

Brian Evans - Sep 14, 2018

Privacy-oriented Brave browser has filed complaints in two countries against Google for violating personal data processing regulations

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Firefox to Firewall Cryptomining Malware in Upcoming Browser Updates

Brian Evans - Sep 01, 2018

The Mozilla Foundation has outlined new features on its Firefox browser to help enhance web performance and protect its users with a default blocker for cryptomining malware. The…

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Firefox to Block Cryptojacking Malware in New Browser Releases

Brian Evans - Sep 01, 2018

Firefox will block cryptojacking malware in future versions of its web browser as part of an anti-tracking initiative

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Firefox Plans to Block Crypto Mining Malware in Future Releases

Brian Evans - Aug 31, 2018

Mozilla Firefox intends to add a function to block cryptomining scripts on websites by default in one of its upcoming releases.

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Crypto-Funded Brave Browser Hits 10 Million Downloads in Google Play Store

Brian Evans - Aug 28, 2018

Brave Software has announced that its eponymous web browser has been downloaded from the Google Play Store 10 million times, doubling its user base in just four…

Within Seconds, Mozilla’s Former CEO Raised $35M by Issuing Tokens Instead of Shares
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Within Seconds, Mozilla’s Former CEO Raised $35M by Issuing Tokens Instead of Shares

Brian Evans - Jun 06, 2017

In an effort to raise money for his new company, Brave, Mozilla’s former CEO Brendan Eich, has successfully raised $35 million by offering cryptocurrencies from his new…