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What QuadrigaCX Says About Institutional Crypto Investment

Brian Evans - Feb 15, 2019

Noelle Acheson looks at the lessons learned for the crypto market following the collapse of the QuadrigaCX exchange.

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Iran’s Government Is Using Crypto Startups as Part of Its Blockchain Embrace

Brian Evans - Feb 14, 2019

Sources in Iran say the country's financial sector is taking clear steps toward a state-backed token economy.

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Mauritius Regulators to Approve Digital Asset Custodian Licensing Framework

Brian Evans - Feb 08, 2019

A regulatory framework for digital asset custodian services will be established by the Mauritanian Financial Services Commission.

Business News
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Token Issuers Must Stop Paying for Market Making

Brian Evans - Feb 03, 2019

It's time for the crypto world to adopt the best practices of the traditional public securities exchanges, including rules on ethics and fair dealing.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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Jamie Dimon: ‘I Have No Problem Paying Higher Taxes’, If They’re Used Wisely

Brian Evans - Feb 01, 2019

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has declared that he does not mind paying higher taxes as long as they are used where they are “most effective”.…

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Korea’s Biggest Crypto Exchanges Have an Internal-Hotline to Check Suspicious Trading Activity

Brian Evans - Jan 28, 2019

South Korea’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, even as competitors, have launched a joint initiative to strengthen their anti-money laundering efforts. According to a joint press release, Bithumb, Upbit,…

Bitcoin Regulation
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Bill to Exempt Crypto From Securities Laws Will Be Delayed, Says Attorney: ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

Brian Evans - Jan 27, 2019

Crypto attorney Jake Chervinsky doesn’t believe that a bill to exempt cryptocurrencies and ICOs from US securities law will be approved anytime soon. He cited the bureaucratic inefficiency…

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Bitcoin ATM Startups Say They’re Booming, Thanks in Part to Venezuela

Brian Evans - Jan 25, 2019

Bitcoin ATM usage is surging, especially in Latin America, where Venezuelan refugees and others are seeking ad hoc banking solutions.

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Japan: Regulators Approve Startup’s Bitcoin Sidechain Trial for Exchanges

Brian Evans - Jan 21, 2019

Japan’s regulatory sandbox scheme will now include a Bitcoin settlement trial for exchanges

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South Africa Establishes a Consultation Paper to Regulate and De-Anonymize Bitcoin Transactions

Brian Evans - Jan 21, 2019

The South African Reserve Bank has released a consultation paper to regulate cryptocurrencies in the region. However, the government is seemingly introducing banking-like features to the crypto-markets,…