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Altcoin Analysis
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Newsflash: Ripple (XRP) ‘Flippens’ Ethereum, Becomes 2nd-Largest Cryptocurrency

Brian Evans - Sep 21, 2018

A “Flippening” has once again arrived in the cryptocurrency markets, but — much to the chagrin of ethereum investors — it’s not the one that ETH holders…

Bitcoin Analysis
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$20 Billion in 2 Days: Crypto Market Surges as Ripple Continues Rally

Brian Evans - Sep 21, 2018

Within the past 48 hours, the valuation of the crypto market has increased from $198 billion to $218 billion in a rally boosted by a surge in…

Altcoin Analysis
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Ripple Price Intraday Analysis: XRP/USD Moons 45% amid FOMO

Brian Evans - Sep 21, 2018

Ripple on Friday underwent massive appreciation against the US Dollar, rising as much as 45 percent from its intraday low. Ripple Labs expressed strong fundamentals over the…

Altcoin News
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Ripple Surges by 36% in 48 Hours as Crypto Market Adds $2 Billion

Brian Evans - Sep 20, 2018

Over the past 24 hours, major cryptocurrencies in the global market including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS increased by 2 to 5 percent, as Ripple led the market…

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Top Ten US Bank Joins Ripple Blockchain RippleNet for Cross-Border Payments

Brian Evans - Sep 19, 2018

PNC Bank, the 9th largest bank in the United States by assets, has joined Ripple’s enterprise blockchain network RippleNet in what is a noteworthy addition for the…

Altcoin Analysis
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Ripple Price Intraday Analysis: XRP/USD Near September High with 23% Leap

Brian Evans - Sep 18, 2018

Ripple price on Tuesday appreciated 23 percent against the US Dollar owing to strong fundamental factors. The XRP/USD has risen from its intraday low near 0.26699-fiat to…

Altcoin News
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Newsflash: Ethereum and Ripple Surge 10% Within Minutes in Abnormal Market Activity

Brian Evans - Sep 18, 2018

The prices of Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) have surged by more than 10 percent in the past five minutes, despite the lack of momentum of major…

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Ripple Says XRP Product Will Go Live in ‘Next Month or so’

Brian Evans - Sep 17, 2018

Ripple’s long-anticipated cryptocurrency product, which aims to make XRP the asset of choice for cross-border settlements between financial institutions, is finally nearing production via an actual commercial…

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SBI Nears Launch Ripple Blockchain Payments App ‘MoneyTap’ in Japan

Brian Evans - Sep 17, 2018

Japanese financial services group SBI Holdings will launch its consumer payments application MoneyTap, on both Android and iOS, using Ripple’s blockchain technology. SBI Ripple Asia, a joint…

Bitcoin Law
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Ripple, R3 Reach Settlement in Multibillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Lawsuit

Brian Evans - Sep 11, 2018

Blockchain companies Ripple and R3 have reached an undisclosed settlement on “all outstanding litigation,” putting an end to a legal spat involving a tranche of cryptocurrency tokens…