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Crypto Market Struggles After Mini Bull Run, Ripple Price Down 5%

Brian Evans - Jul 20, 2018

Subsequent to demonstrating a mini-rally on July 18, the crypto market has declined by $12 billion, triggered by a large drop in the value of tokens. Ripple’s…

Blockchain News
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Ripple Wants to Beat Bitcoin in India, Initially Planned to Giveaway Billions

Brian Evans - Jul 12, 2018

Ripple (XRP), the largest bank-targeted blockchain protocol, is attempting to take over 50 percent of India’s finance sector by processing payments with low fees and efficient systems.…

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Ripple Hires Former Facebook Exec. as SVP after ‘Big Leadership Changes’

Brian Evans - Jul 12, 2018

Ripple just announced two major changes to its leadership team — one was a “Rippler” already, while the other came straight from Facebook. As Ripple continues its…

Asheesh Birla
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‘The Biggest Risk we Face Today is Regulation’: Senior Ripple Executive

Brian Evans - Jul 10, 2018

The senior vice president of product at Ripple, Asheesh Birla, has revealed that the biggest risk the company faces today is regulation. As a result, Ripple is…

Altcoin News
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Ripple Slapped with [Another] Suit Alleging XRP is a Security

Brian Evans - Jul 05, 2018

Yet another securities fraud lawsuit has been filed against Ripple in California. In the latest suit, the lead plaintiff, David Oconer, is seeking to have the XRP…

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Regulated Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange to Launch Ripple (XRP) Trading

Brian Evans - Jul 04, 2018

Independent Reserve, Australia’s first regulated cryptocurrency exchange, will add support for Ripple’s token currency XRP this week. Sydney-based cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve is reportedly enabling support for…

Bitcoin Analysis
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Crypto Market Jumps $40 Billion in 2 Days as Bitcoin, Ether and XRP Record Major Gains

Brian Evans - Jul 03, 2018

The cryptocurrency market has added more than $40 billion within a 48 hour period as major digital assets bitcoin, ether, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash recorded gains in…

Bitcoin Analysis
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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Major Coins Drop 5%; Crypto Market Loses $9 Billion

Brian Evans - Jun 29, 2018

The cryptocurrency market has lost over $9 billion over the past 24 hours as the valuation of the market dropped to $233 billion. Major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin,…

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Indian Bank Kotak Mahindra Taps Ripple for Instant International Remittance

Brian Evans - Jun 28, 2018

Kotak Mahindra, a major private bank in India, the latest financial institution to join RippleNet, Ripple’s enterprise blockchain network to enable inward remittances. In an announcement [PDF],…

Altcoin Analysis
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Coinbase Should Add XRP [And It’s Not a Security]: Ripple CEO

Brian Evans - Jun 24, 2018

Brad Garlinghouse, the billionaire CEO at Ripple Labs, the company that oversees the development of XRP, the $18 billion blockchain network, has said for the first time…