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AOC’s Facebook Fake-Out Is Another Example of Her Ongoing Hypocrisy

Brian Evans - Apr 16, 2019

By CCN: Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is playing both sides of the social media game. In another two-faced move by the always controversial New York rep, Ocasio-Cortez has…

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Facebook, Twitter and Telegram: A New Crypto Paradigm or a Glorified Voucher Program?

Brian Evans - Apr 12, 2019

How cryptocurrencies from Telegram to Facebook could drive crypto adoption and change the finance industry

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Russian Social Media Giant VK Eyes Launching its Own Crypto: Report

Brian Evans - Mar 31, 2019

Russian media reports that the country’s most popular social network, VKontakte, is considering launching its own cryptocurrency

Business News
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Facebook’s Blockchain Hiring Spree Continues With 5 New Postings

Brian Evans - Mar 29, 2019

Social media behemoth Facebook is advertising for five more blockchain-related positions – adding to the 20 posted by the company in recent weeks.

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What We Know About Google Ads Allegedly Blacklisting ‘Ethereum’ as a Keyword

Brian Evans - Jan 15, 2019

Serbian startup claims that Google has blacklisted Ethereum as a Google Ad keyword — learn more details about the case

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Dave Rubin Turns to Bitcoin for Crowdfunding After Alleged Patreon Censorship

Brian Evans - Jan 07, 2019

American talk show host Dave Rubin has announced he is turning to Bitcoin in lieu of the crowdfunding platform Patreon, in protest against the latter’s alleged censorship…

2018 Review
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2018: When Privacy and Decentralization Collided

Brian Evans - Jan 05, 2019

In an op-ed written exclusively for CoinDesk, Enigma CEO Guy Zyskind says 2019 must be about building decentralized solutions for data privacy.

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From Blanket Ban to Its Own Stablecoin: How Facebook’s Relationship With Crypto Changed Over 2018

Brian Evans - Dec 28, 2018

After banning and unbanning crypto ads, Facebook reportedly proceeded toward its own cryptocurrency — and its blockchain division is steadily expanding as well. Here’s how the social…

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Decentralized App to Give Social Media New Meaning By Rewarding Real-Life Interactions

Brian Evans - Sep 25, 2018

Do the days blend into one when you’re using social media? A blockchain-fueled platform, which aims to encourage real-life social interactions, plans to change this #SPONSORED

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Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform to Help Merchants Open Shops Without Startup Capital

Brian Evans - Sep 06, 2018

A blockchain-based e-commerce ecosystem says billions of social media users “represent a form of idle labor.” Here’s how it plans to change that #SPONSORED