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The Significance of Discourse in the Crypto World

Brian Evans - Aug 16, 2018

Like with all jobs and hobbies, the desire for focused communication is always present. No matter what people are interested in, they are often inclined to join…

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Blockchain Network Takes on ‘Flawed’ Steemit by Offering Lifetime Earnings to Creators

Brian Evans - Jun 19, 2018

A new blockchain-based content rewards platform is rivaling Steemit by giving all users equal voting power – “boosting” the earnings of smaller content creators #SPONSORED

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AdBlock Plus Jumps Aboard the Blockchain to Spot Fake News

Brian Evans - Jun 16, 2018

The popular ad blocker launched a new product called TrustedNews which tells the user if the news they’re reading are trustworthy or fake. TrustedNews is the new…

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Steem Blockchain Welcomes Its One Millionth Unique Account

Brian Evans - May 18, 2018

Cryptocurrency-related platforms often struggle to gain any sort of traction. Even when they do so, sustaining long-term growth has proven to be nearly impossible. In that respect,…

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Major Milestone: Steem Blockchain Hits 1 Million Accounts

Brian Evans - May 17, 2018

Steem, a blockchain rewards platform that allows content publishers to monetize their work, announced today that the project has reached one million registered accounts. An update from…

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Taking the Battle to YouTube: Why Steemit Continues to Attract YouTubers

Brian Evans - Apr 15, 2018

When Google announced that it would be banning cryptocurrency-related ads from its platform, the crypto universe was up in arms. While it is a fact that the company’s…

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Blockchains Alone Won’t Fix the Facebook Problem

Brian Evans - Apr 12, 2018

The root problem of social media is centralization of control over data. The ideas that underpin blockchain tech offer glimpses of a path forward.

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Sharing Selfies Could Now Help You Earn Money in Cryptoworld

Brian Evans - Feb 05, 2018

It’s never enough of selfies, but now, the more you make the more you can earn in cryptocurrencies #SPONSORED

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A Beginner’s Guide to Steem

Brian Evans - Feb 04, 2018

Cryptocurrencies have grown to include a wide array of uses, some far more creative and legitimate than others. One unique implementation of blockchain technology can be seen in Steem, a blockchain-based…

True Flip Blockchain Lottery Invites Creators To Steemit Challenge
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True Flip Blockchain Lottery Invites Creators To Steemit Challenge

Brian Evans - Jul 12, 2017

True Flip is an international, anonymous Blockchain lottery with instant payouts, open source code and a transparent prize fund.It is now organizing a new art contest, labeled…