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Kin Price Gains Over 20% yet Value Stays at 1 Satoshi

Brian Evans - Mar 18, 2019

As the weekend transitions into a new week, things will undoubtedly get very interesting for a lot of cryptocurrencies. While the top markets still try to find…

Binance Coin Price
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Binance Coin Price Gains 20% as new All-time High Looms Ahead

Brian Evans - Mar 05, 2019

As Bitcoin starts to hit its groove again, all other markets are seemingly quite eager to move up alongside it. Except for Tether, none of the top…

Binance Coin Price
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Binance Coin Price Rises Slightly While Other Markets Remain Subdued

Brian Evans - Mar 03, 2019

A lot of traders and speculators are waiting for the top cryptocurrencies to move in the green again. By the look of things, that might take a…

Basic Attention Token Price
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Basic Attention Token Price Drops Again as Bulls run out of Steam

Brian Evans - Mar 03, 2019

It seems today will not necessarily offer any more promising crypto market momentum compared to yesterday. While fewer markets are in the red at this time, there…

BitTorrent Token Price
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BitTorrent Token Price to Remain Bearish for Months, Trader Claims

Brian Evans - Mar 01, 2019

As all cryptocurrency markets try to find their next support level, it is only normal some projects will continue to lose value. The BitTorrent Token price is…

Basic Attention Token Price
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Basic Attention Token Price Pumps by 25% yet Momentum Seems to Retrace

Brian Evans - Feb 26, 2019

When the overall cryptocurrency momentum remains both bullish and bearish at the same time, there is a genuine chance some unusual market developments will occur in the…

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Maker Price Surpasses $750 Following Strong Gains

Brian Evans - Feb 24, 2019

With all of the crypto markets remaining very bullish this weekend, it quickly becomes apparent good things are bound to happen. While Bitcoin is on most people’s…

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Ethereum Price Resumes Bullish Trend as $150 Remains in Sight

Brian Evans - Feb 20, 2019

After what sees to be a brief bearish dip, most of the markets are on the mend once again. It was to be expected a minor correction…

Binance Coin Price
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Binance Coin Price Surges Past $11 as Resistance Levels Melt Away

Brian Evans - Feb 19, 2019

With all of this bullish cryptocurrency momentum, it is hard to pick the coin to watch and ignore everything else. For those who like to watch the…

Basic Attention Token Price
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Basic Attention Token Price Moves up as $0.15 is in Sight

Brian Evans - Feb 17, 2019

Although this day is shaping up to be a mixed bag of momentum for most cryptocurrencies, not everything is heading in the wrong direction either. As far…