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Dow Jones
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Dow Zooms Toward Record High: Is a Major Rally Inevitable?

Brian Evans - Apr 18, 2019

By CCN: As the Dow pounds within a few hundred points of its all-time high, it’s time for the bears to admit that there are sunny skies…

Donald Trump
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Massive Dow Rally Will Be Unleashed as Trade Deal Nears End-Game

Brian Evans - Apr 05, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump has already laid out all the fundamental catalysts for a potential Dow run: the Federal Reserve is not pondering a rate hike, jobs…

Donald Trump
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Dow Futures Fizzle as Mueller Probe Leaks Crush Trump Trade Pump

Brian Evans - Apr 04, 2019

The Dow struggled ahead of Thursday’s US trading session, as a discomforting leak about the true nature of the Mueller probe crushed any optimism derived from the…

Donald Trump
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Dow Soars Higher While Fed Reels from Vicious Trump Attack

Brian Evans - Apr 03, 2019

The Dow roared at Wednesday’s opening bell, clawing higher as the US stock market seized on another round of bullish trade war news – and grappled with…

Dow Jones
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Dow Recoils: Only a New US-China Trade Deal Will End This Misery

Brian Evans - Mar 27, 2019

With overseas profits of U.S. companies in decline due to tax changes, a drop in consumer confidence in March, and some Federal Reserve officials showing reluctance towards…

Donald Trump
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Dow Futures Slide 100 Points after Trump Tariff Shocker

Brian Evans - Mar 21, 2019

The US stock market looks set to open to sharp losses, as Dow futures are trading deeply in the red in response to a new comment from…

Dow Jones
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Dow Sinks as US-China Trade Tensions Roil Stocks

Brian Evans - Mar 20, 2019

The Dow and broader U.S. stock market sank on Wednesday, as investors tried to piece together a narrative to explain the apparent stalling of China trade negotiations…

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Chinese Spy Scandal Threatens Trade Deal & Stock Market Recovery

Brian Evans - Mar 18, 2019

A burgeoning spy scandal threatens to be an 11th-hour stumbling block to the U.S.-China trade deal, and it could take the wind out of the stock market’s…

Donald Trump
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Dow Futures Boom as Trump Admin Clambers to Rescue China Trade Deal

Brian Evans - Mar 15, 2019

The US stock market is in recovery mode on the cusp of the week’s final trading session, with Dow futures indicating that the index will leap by…

Donald Trump
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Dow Futures Tremble after Ex-Advisor Unloads on ‘Chaotic’ Trump White House

Brian Evans - Mar 14, 2019

The Dow is uncomfortably timid heading into the week’s penultimate trading session, as the US stock market digests comments from former White House economic advisor Gary Cohn…