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Crypto Exchange WEX Linked to Iranian Ransomware Operators, Says PwC

Brian Evans - Mar 05, 2019

Cryptocurrency exchange WEX, formerly called BTC-e, may have been used to launder illicit gains from the SamSam ransomware, according to PwC.

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Cryptocurrency Prices on WEX Make No Sense Whatsoever

Brian Evans - Jul 24, 2018

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often considered to be the backbone of this budding ecosystem. These platforms provide convenience when it comes to accessing Bitcoin and altcoins. Every now…

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Bitcoin’s Price Is Nearing $10K On a Single, Troubled Exchange

Brian Evans - Jul 24, 2018

Crypto exchange WEX continues to see prices well out of step with the rest of the market amid the continuation of a near-total freeze on withdrawals.

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Concern Mounts Over Potential Crypto Exchange WEX Exit Scam

Brian Evans - Jul 17, 2018

Users are increasingly concerned that an exchange claiming to be based in Singapore is pulling an exit scam following suspicious trading activity and locked wallets that are…

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Something Strange Is Going On at a Crypto Exchange Called WEX

Brian Evans - Jul 13, 2018

Users of WEX, the cryptocurrency exchange built on the ashes of BTC-e, are reporting withdrawal problems.

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Bitcoin Price Spikes to Nearly $9K on Little-Known Crypto Exchange

Brian Evans - Jul 11, 2018

Crypto exchange WEX – formerly known as BTC-e – saw its BTC/USD market spike to nearly $9,000 on Wednesday.

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Bitcoin Prices Broaches $9,000 on Crypto Exchange WEX; Critics Cry Foul

Brian Evans - Jul 11, 2018

The bitcoin price has been largely flat on Wednesday, rising approximately one-half-of-one percent on the global markets. At one Singapore-based exchange, however, the flagship cryptocurrency is soaring…