Etherecash: A Decentralized Way to Finance the Average Person

Decentralized P2P finance and lending are the future of the Banking industry as Blockchain Technology is disrupting it. Previously, without the decentralization, P2P lending was virtually impossible due to the fiat banking system’s centralized loan programmes and the lack of a true P2P financial ecosystem. But, with the rise of a new Blockchain-based lending systems in which everything is under the individual’s control, a new era of investment and lending is likely to begin.

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Estonian crypto financial ecosystem called Etherecash has been making considerable waves in the cryptosphere with its successful crowdfunding campaign in Q4 2017 that saw it raise over $40 million in exchange for new Ethereum-based tokens that it launched. Now the financial platform is looking towards a successful 2018 with token distribution and recognition. For this purpose, the Etherecash team has registered itself on Qryptos, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges right now.

What is Etherecash and what does it bring to the table?

Etherecash is a cryptocurrency-based financial ecosystem that is using three-pronged approach to capture the P2P lending market which is actually bigger than the banking industry itself. The three pronged approach include enabling P2P money lending, faster global transfers and the all-important crypto debit card that allows users to get loans in fiat currency by leveraging the cryptocurrency portfolios. With this revolutionary measure, there is no need to set other material guarantees in a lending transaction as the leveraged cryptocurrencies are withheld by the system and released to the lender if the borrower fails to pay back on time. It is that simple.

Etherecash uses a smart lawyer-backed system that allows full transparency and security for its users. It aims to disrupt the financial industry that continues to be in disarray because of overconsolidation and monopolization by a few big banks. The Etherecash platform is extremely adaptable and scalable. It will allow cryptocurrency holders to borrow up to 80% of their total crypto portfolio in fiat so that the precious bitcoins may not be lost when one is in need.


QRYPTOS is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in June 2017 and is the subsidiary of one of the leading fintech companies in the world QUOINE which has offices around the world in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. It is the very first trading company that was granted a crypto license from Japan Financial Services Agency. With a strong backing in Japan, QRYPTOS is the ideal platform for a new cryptocurrency like Etherecash.

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