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The cryptomarket is already full of autotrading platforms and robots but most of them are unhandy, intricate, nor prices seem to be fair. The whole market may change with start of a new blockchain project providing the simple and user-friendly platform to build and run your own automated strategy.

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Developers of project came from video-game industry, so they know how to make things easy. The idea of the platform is to allow customers to create their own automated strategies using a simple drag and drop style interface. No coding skills are required to design it.

“Kryll is not an “automatic” black box trading bot. You will define yourself what it should do, and then it’ll run automatically,” describes Kryll’s CTO Philippe Longère.

The entire editor interface is based on different blocks. There can be simple market trends like price drop/raise or more complicated instruments such as technical analysis, machine learning based market predictions or signals from professional traders scanned by network semantic analysis (for example, when BTC is receiving positive feedback on Twitter). The customer can design totally unique strategy, simply adding trading actions (sell, buy) and operators (IF, OR, AND).


The project team has already designed about 50 different blocks but there will be more to come in future. The community itself may also help with new instruments. aims to become a “big marketplace” and social network for traders, in which experienced players will be able to sell their strategies and exchange their experience with members for mutual success.

“Strategies featured on the marketplace will be rated by the community and will be ranked continuously. So if you want to compete with your strategies, be efficient. Then come to us and discuss, share your investment ideas, your lessons learned, lend your strategy to someone or rent another user’s strategy. Let’s become crypto friends!” says Lisa Pons, Kryll’s Marketing officer.


What is more, gives the opportunity to minimize risks for its users by allowing them to test their strategy before they play on the “big boy arena”.

According to the project’s White Paper, one will be able to test it over the 6 months of recorded data using 250+ pairs and a 1 second frequency. “Another testing modality will be available with our sandboxing option where the strategy is tested as if it were actually running on the market, but not accounting for the impact it may have on the market’s actual.”

All the testing is free. Customers have to pay only when they start making real money. The price is set in KRYLL-tokens gained during the ICO (KRL). When a strategy goes live, it starts using KRL as a fuel and consumes tokens depending on how many blocks are in it and what are these blocks. Users pay only for the launch of the strategy, no commissions on profits will be taken.


According to the Roadmap, first public release of the project should happen in early 2019. But token sale investors will be able to use the ”Funder Edition” this summer.

“An MVP unveiling the first user experience will be released on the first week of March, we’ll release an alpha version during summer, then before the end of 2018 a beta release for everyone,” – says Kryll’s CTO Philippe Longère.

According to him, a companion app will be released in 2018 as well, whereas more complicated tools such as machine learning and sentiment analysis will be added only in 2019.

The Kryll team have started their ICO in February and during the month gathered more than $2.5 mln. Additionally 200 000 euro was raised in December from private investors. The token sale ends on March 20, 2018.

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