Sources report Canaan will conduct its pioneering Bitcoin mining IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange as soon as July

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ZeppelinOS Software Launch Promises Easier Fix for Ethereum Contracts

Brian Evans - May 26, 2018

ZeppelinOS wants to incentivize developers to create smart contract libraries which they can then improve, stamping out bugs and standardizing code.

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Amazon Taking “Baby” Steps into Blockchain Technology

Brian Evans - May 26, 2018

Amazon, America’s tech giant and largest internet retailer in the world, is set to partner with Kaleido, a start-up that will work to provide a one-click blockchain…

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What Is the Tari Protocol?

Brian Evans - May 26, 2018

There can never be enough competition in the world of blockchain technology. The people responsible for creating the Tari protocol certainly seem to agree. This new solution…

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