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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Gibraltar: experts to discuss industry present and future

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar will take place on February 8, 2018. It is a conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain solutions and ICOs.  

The conference will bring together about 300 participants: entrepreneurs, investors, developers as well as lawyers, financial experts and marketing specialists engaged in the digital currency and blockchain sector. Presentations will be divided into several sections.


The Gibraltar event is one of 20 conferences held by Smile-Expo across the globe in 2018. Previous year, the international company organized two conferences recognized as the largest ones in Eastern Europe: Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Moscow and Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Kiev. In total, they brought together 3500 attendees. In 2017, 13 other conferences of this series took place in Russia, Europe and Central Asia.

Gibraltar: center stage

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar will feature the reports of 12 experts from different countries. According to the organizers, the pool of speakers is being expanded.

Keynote speakers:

Garry Nuttall, UK (Managing Director at Distlytics Ltd). Topic: blockchain technology regulation in Gibraltar and other countries. In his report ‘Will 2018 be the year that Blockchain is Regulated?’ the speaker will consider the most likely ways of how legislation on blockchain will change in 2018.

Arwen Smit, UK (Co-founder & CMO at DOVU). Being an experienced expert in logistics, business coach and mentor of startups, Arwen Smit will talk about how blockchain use in freight and passenger transportation will become a driver of mass application of the technology.

Christopher Emm, Gibraltar(CEO at TokenKey). His report will be dedicated to the creation of a successful tokensale: how to correctly present the product to investors and conduct an ICO campaign without common mistakes.

The conference will also include the reports of Kambiz Djafari (Germany), CEO and Co-founder of (‘What is a token economically?’), Mohammed Tayeb (UK), Co-founder of Medicalchain (‘Blockchain in the healthcare sector’), Bogdan Maslesa (Cyprus), Founder of Universal Crypto (‘The Importance of Blockchain Education’); Juan David Mendieta Villegas (Belgium), CEO at Keyrock (‘How do we build a fair and efficient capital infrastructure?’) and others.

Exhibition of innovations and discussion of topical issues

In addition to speakers’ reports, the conference will feature a number of activities:

  • exhibition area for developers of blockchain innovations (blockchain-based software developments and equipment for the cryptocurrency industry);
  • pitch session of the exhibitors;
  • panel discussion on ‘DLT Regulations, legal advice and ICO guidelines’.

Why Gibraltar?

In October, Gibraltar authorities announced the legislative rules for blockchain companies and cryptocurrency exchanges, introducing a project of the corresponding law.

The regulation in this sector is suggested to encourage innovations. The introductions will become effective in January 2018.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar is aimed at revealing legislative novelties, answering related questions and helping the blockchain community to organize the work efficiently according to the new rules.

More project news can be found on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar.

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