All the active population of the Earth will remember the year 2017 for the hype in cryptocurrency: the incredible increase of Bitcoin rates, cases of sudden enrichment and financial ruin of investors and players in cryptocurrency stocks. This field is rather risky and unpredictable: you can win a lot and you can lose everything. You should use analytical skills and intuition as well. Does this resemble something? Yes, it does: casino and computer games! The combination of this 3 spheres made a revolution in entertainment.

A lot of cryptocurrency casinos emerged in the net. Now they are significant competitors of their online analogues. The anonymity, a low barrier to entry and high volatility of cryptocurrencies provide them popularity and they are not going to stop.

In 2017 a new crypto entertainment appeared which does not relate to casino. The community was caught by «Cryptokitties Mania». It is an investment game based on Ethereum smart contracts which had aprox. 11 million dollars transaction volume at the moment of the publishing of this material. The very first kitty was sold for the astonishing 247 ETH coins: about 247 thousand USD. You can buy the cheapest kitty for half a dollar, which is clearly shows the range of prices.

CryptoKitties is in itself an investment project in the frames of which one should breed digital kitties, i.e. do a cat mining. A player has to make his own game strategy to cross the kitties in such a way so that they had a successful generation. Each virtual cat has its own set of characteristics, parameters and his own pedigree which according to the blockchain rules cannot be falsified in any way. Kitties are immortal and they cannot be copied. They just can make love with each other and multiply themselves. Then you can sell them or buy new pets.

At the beginning of the year 2018 has launched another game based on the blockchain technology. It combines all the best from the Kitties idea and eliminated some of their disadvantages. is a game where you can buy unique bots, breed and sell them. You can also upgrade them an arrange online bot battles for maximum of 10 participants.  What are Battles? Your bot is fighting with other players’ bots. The battles winner is rewarded with a new bot possessing a unique module.

The players’ property is protected by standard expandable Ethereum-based smart contracts, and the game creators are paying additional attention to the privacy and security of the bots’ collectors. CryptoBots will also implement sinking-mechanics for the bot population, i.e. Upgrade and Recycle, to keep the bots population under control.

The project’s roadmap states that the fully functional release of the game will commence this month, by the end of March the game will go mobile and will be extensively promoted with marketing channels.

Besides they will additionally give 5 Eth and rare bots to the best players for the period from 4 to 20 March !!

Visit the web site and Medium for more info

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

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