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ICO Regulations: Lack of Concern Could Lead to SEC Exchange Fines

Major cryptocurrency exchanges could fall victim to US regulators for failing to register in order to offer ICO tokens.

That is according to a source speaking to the New York Times as the ICO market continues to expand in light of recent comments by the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC).

“I’m sad to say that I think we will see one or more exchanges get hit by a fairly significant S.E.C. enforcement,” Emma Channing, general counsel at Argon Group told the publication.

Argon is specifically geared to help ICO startups raise capital, and with significant exposure to any regulatory decisions, Channing is notably more on edge than others who have responded to last month’s SEC report.

“The broader detail and the silences in the report should give many people pause and that doesn’t seem to have happened yet,” she said. “I don’t understand why everyone isn’t as concerned as I am.”

The US organization indicated any exchange serving tokens to US customers should be registered. As none are, the implication is that even the most well-known exchanges could soon face consequences and prices could suffer due to lack of liquidity.

The mood at Argon is notably more nervous than that of industry startups such as KICKICO. An ICO hosting and outsourcing platform, it is confident regulatory shifts will not serve to unravel the industry, including its own forthcoming token sale.

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