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Local Media: Afghanistani, Tunisian Central Banks Consider Issuing Bitcoin Bonds

Brian Evans - Apr 19, 2019

The issuance of a bitcoin bond is being considered by Afghanistan and Tunisia’s central banks

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Thai, Myanmar Central Bank Governors Endorse Blockchain Remittance Service

Brian Evans - Apr 05, 2019

Veerathai Santiprabhob, the Central bank governor of Thailand, reportedly endorsed startup Everex’s blockchain remittance system

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WEF Report: 40 Central Banks Are Considering Digital Currencies, Blockchain Tech

Brian Evans - Apr 03, 2019

A recent report by the WEF reveals that at least 40 central banks around the world are considering blockchain technology and central bank digital currencies

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Pakistan’s Central Bank Aims to Issue Its Own Digital Currency by 2025

Brian Evans - Apr 02, 2019

Jameel Ahmad, the deputy governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, declared that the institution aims to issue a digital currency by 2025

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Central Bank of Korea Includes Research on CBDCs in Annual Report

Brian Evans - Mar 26, 2019

The Bank of Korea has included mentions of CBDCs in its annual payment settlement report, also announcing a blockchain trial later in 2019

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Bank for International Settlements Exec Advises Against Central Bank Digital Currencies

Brian Evans - Mar 23, 2019

Agustin Carstens, general manager at the Bank for International Settlements, gave a warning against the issuance of central bank digital currencies during a speech

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Russia: Central Bank Suggests Limiting Sale of Crypto Assets for ‘Unqualified Investors’

Brian Evans - Mar 12, 2019

The Central Bank of Russia wants to set a yearly limit of $9,100 for “unqualified investors” dealing with crypto assets

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Bahrain’s Central Bank Issues New Cryptocurrency Regulation

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

New cryptocurrency regulation has been issued by the Central Bank of Bahrain

Bitcoin Regulation
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Ukraine Completes Pilot Scheme for E-Hryvnia National Digital Currency

Brian Evans - Feb 25, 2019

Ukraine’s central bank has tested a national digital currency among central bank employees in a two-month trial

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Luxembourg University Postdoc: Central Bank Digital Currencies Too Attractive to Ignore

Brian Evans - Feb 22, 2019

A recent study by a University of Luxembourg postdoc claims that some central banks are considering launching CBDCs in spite of legal challenges