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Why Is the Ethereum Price Tanking? Here Are 4 Possible Reasons

Brian Evans - Aug 18, 2018

Crypto markets are down across the board, and that’s nothing new. But what’s behind Ethereum losing 44 percent of its value in just two weeks? From August…

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Crypto Markets See More Slump After Short Recovery Attempt, Bitcoin Holds Gains

Brian Evans - Aug 11, 2018

After a short-lived recovery attempt yesterday, the crypto markets have seen another slump today, with Bitcoin being a notable exception

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Ethereum Price: Dip Below $310 Triggers Sharp Rebound

Brian Evans - Aug 11, 2018

It has always been difficult to make sense of the cryptocurrency markets and their momentum. Today is no different, even though there are some very bothersome trends.…

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Bitcoin Loses $7,000 Support After ETF Delay, Altcoins Suffer Large Losses

Brian Evans - Aug 08, 2018

Lack of price support around $7,000 sees Bitcoin come full circle back to mid-July levels

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Major Crypto Assets See Solid Growth, Total Market Cap Holds Above $300 Billion

Brian Evans - Jul 26, 2018

Crypto markets are seeing a healthy flush of green, with Bitcoin above $8,200 and total market cap holding above $300 billion

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Ethereum Price: Battle for $470 is in Full Effect

Brian Evans - Jul 24, 2018

The rather uneasy situation across all cryptocurrency markets continues unabated. With Bitcoin still soaring, altcoins continue to struggle for any real momentum at this stage. The Ethereum…

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Bitcoin Breaks $7,500 Point After a Week of Solid Growth, BTC Dominance Goes Up

Brian Evans - Jul 22, 2018

Crypto markets slightly fluctuate in a mix of red and green, Bitcoin reclaims the $7,500 barrier

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Ethereum Price: Small Gains in BTC Ratio Keep USD Value Flat

Brian Evans - Jul 21, 2018

It was to be expected this weekend would be relatively interesting for all cryptocurrency markets. Even though the momentum is not overly positive, there is no outspoken…

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Bitcoin Up $1,000 in Just Two Days, Almost All Top 100 Coins See Green

Brian Evans - Jul 18, 2018

Crypto markets keep climbing today, with 98 out of 100 top altcoins by market cap in the green

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Ethereum Price: USD Uptrend is Negated by BTC Ratio Loss

Brian Evans - Jul 18, 2018

Yesterday was a very interesting day for all cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin and altcoins gained a lot of value in quick succession. As is always the case, maintaining…