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Bitcoin Cash Tanks 13 Percent as Major Cryptocurrencies All Fall Hard

Brian Evans - Dec 14, 2018

Bitcoin Cash tanks 13 percent as major cryptocurrencies all fall hard

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Bitcoin, Altcoin Prices Shun Volatility Amid Multi-Year Trade Volume Lows

Brian Evans - Oct 07, 2018

No major movements in crypto markets as Bitcoin sees week of relative calm

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Lacklustre Markets See Bitcoin Dip Below $6,600, Top Altcoins See Minor Losses

Brian Evans - Oct 01, 2018

Crypto markets today are shaky and largely red, with Ripple (XRP) seeing the heftiest losses among the large-market-cap coins

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Crypto Markets See Mix of Red and Green, With Half of Top 100 Coins Slightly Up

Brian Evans - Sep 30, 2018

Around half of the top 100 coins by market cap see small gains. Bitcoin is trading slightly above $6,600

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Cryptocurrency Markets Mainly See Red, Bitcoin Hovers Below $6,600

Brian Evans - Sep 29, 2018

Crypto markets are mainly in the red today, Ripple and Ethereum see major growth but are still unable to hold weekly gains, and Bitcoin is trading below…

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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency’s Behavior Is Mimicked by Other Coins

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

At press time, the father of cryptocurrency remains in the $6,600 range. This is good news for all those who choose to see the glass as half…

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Tom Lee: Ethereum Will ‘Rally Strongly’ up to $1,900 by the End of 2019

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

Wall Street Bitcoin bull Tom Lee predicted that Ethereum will “rally strongly” up to $1,900 per token by the end of 2019, which is 40% higher than…

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Crypto Markets Continue Rise With Market Cap Reaching Over $220 Billion

Brian Evans - Sep 28, 2018

Crypto markets continue to rise, seeing sharp growth within a few hours after a slight stagnation over the day, Bitcoin tests $6,700 support

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Crypto Markets See Another Flush of Green, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash Grow Significantly

Brian Evans - Sep 26, 2018

Crypto markets see another flush of green, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash grow significantly, Bitcoin trades above $6,500

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Crypto Markets Continue to See Red, XRP and ETH Tumble

Brian Evans - Sep 25, 2018

Ripple (XRP) is down 12 percent and Ethereum (ETH) down around 6 percent today, as the crypto markets see another day of stark losses