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Crypto 101
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Crypto Trading 101: An Introduction to Support and Resistance

Brian Evans - Aug 19, 2018

Support and resistance levels help identify areas of supply and demand, and are an important aspect of price charts for traders to understand.

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Wall Street’s Crypto Caution Risks Coinbase Gaining ‘Unassailable’ Position

Brian Evans - Aug 17, 2018

Cryptocurrency trading revenue is primed to explode within the near future, and Wall Street is running out of time if it hopes to stop industry giant Coinbase…

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CME Futures Partner Releases First Regulated Bitcoin Cash Futures

Brian Evans - Aug 17, 2018

Crypto Facilities adds Bitcoin Cash to existing altcoin futures options

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Airbnb Co-Founder Backs $22 Million Funding for Crypto Dealer SFOX

Brian Evans - Aug 16, 2018

A cryptocurrency dealer for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals has closed a Series A funding round of $22.7 million.

blue trading
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Save time, and generate profits with award-winning trading company Blue Trading

Brian Evans - Aug 14, 2018

Trading is a skill set that requires a lot of preparation in order to consistently generate profits for yourself. You would have to study as much as…

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Intuitive Signs of a Cryptocurrency Bubble

Brian Evans - Aug 14, 2018

There were signs during the last bull market that showed cryptocurrencies were about to take a turn for the worse, as it has been for some time…

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Bitcoin Trading Is Illegal in Saudi Arabia, Warn Watchdogs

Brian Evans - Aug 13, 2018

A governmental committee comprised of Saudi Arabian regulators has issued a statement warning that cryptocurrency trading is illegal in the kingdom.

Crypto 101
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Crypto Trading 101: Simple Charting Patterns Explained

Brian Evans - Aug 12, 2018

Are you good at spotting anomalies in complex problems? Charting just might be for you. CoinDesk offers its basic guide for eager intro traders.

Centralized Exchanges
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6 Things People Take for Granted When Using Centralized Crypto Exchanges

Brian Evans - Aug 12, 2018

In the world of cryptocurrency, centralized exchanges are still a very common sight. That is a bit unusual, especially in an industry where decentralization is the main…

Alt coins
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Major Crypto Exchanges Moving Into Fiat Trading

Brian Evans - Aug 11, 2018

Exchanges have played a vital role in bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. As the primary means to convert fiat into blockchain assets, they are indispensable to the…