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Temporary Bounce? Trump Gloats Over Buzzfeed and HuffPo Layoffs as Storm Clouds Gather Over Presidency

Brian Evans - Jan 31, 2019

US president Donald Trump has gleefully weighed in on the news of mass layoffs at Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post in typically abrasive fashion on his Twitter…

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Outplayed: Trump Weaker Following Shutdown Fiasco, What Pushed Him to the Brink?

Brian Evans - Jan 27, 2019

The Trump administration reopened the government after a record 35 days, merely weeks after President Donald Trump heavily emphasized that the government would remain shut without funding…

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Billionaire Hedge Fund Mogul George Soros Warns That the US-China ‘Cold War’ Could Escalate Into a ‘Hot One’

Brian Evans - Jan 25, 2019

By CCN.com: Billionaire hedge funder George Soros has warned that the ‘cold war’ consuming the United States and China could get ugly. Speaking in Davos, Switzerland on…

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GoFundMe’s U.S. Government Shutdown Aid Campaign Just Hit its Funding Goal

Brian Evans - Jan 23, 2019

By CCN.com: A GoFundMe campaign to assist federal workers affected by the ongoing government shutdown has reached its $200,000 funding goal barely three days after it was…

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Brexit Deadlock: Is a 2nd Referendum Looming? Nigel Farage Thinks So

Brian Evans - Jan 19, 2019

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage took to a stage in London late last week and delivered the news that his audience didn’t want to hear. A rerun…

Donald Trump
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‘Major Announcement’: Is Donald Trump Preparing to Declare a National Emergency to Gain Wall Funding?

Brian Evans - Jan 19, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump has promised to make a ‘major announcement’ on Saturday afternoon. This comes as the partial government shutdown nears the one-month mark. Without going…

Donald Trump
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Why the Huawei Scandal Will Reignite the US-China Trade War

Brian Evans - Jan 17, 2019

A widening federal probe of China’s Huawei Technologies Co. could spark renewed tensions between Washington and Beijing at a critical juncture in their negotiations to end the…

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Back Pay? No Way: U.S. Federal Contractors Losing $200 Million in Daily Revenue Due to Government Shutdown

Brian Evans - Jan 17, 2019

U.S. federal government contractors could be losing up to $200 million in delayed or foregone revenue each day the shutdown drags on. In some cases, some contractors…

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Banks Warn of Impending 1930s-Type ‘Catastrophe’ As No-Deal Brexit Looms

Brian Evans - Jan 16, 2019

UK Finance CEO Stephen Jones has issued a stark warning ahead of the March 29 deadline for exiting the EU, describing the scenario of a no-deal Brexit…

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Bitcoin is a Tool for ‘Peaceful Revolution’: Crypto Developer Jimmy Song

Brian Evans - Jan 16, 2019

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song says the original cryptocurrency can be a powerful tool to usher in a “peaceful revolution.” Song made the remarks during an interview with RT’s…